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Why I am Offering Incentives to Get my Kids to Read

I feel like “incentive” is a dirty word in parenting. There is some sort of taboo surrounding the idea of rewarding our kids for good behaviour or a job well done, but frankly, I’m not convinced. Reading is one of my number one goals for my children, I want to instil in my kids not just the ability to read, but a real love for reading. This year, I was determined to find a creative way to encourage my children to pick up some books, all on their own. I decided to put together a Summer Reading Challenge and wanted to open it up to you guys as well! I contacted some of my favorite companies I have worked with this year to see if they would be willing to donate a prize and am so excited about the prizes. I can almost see my children’s motivation as they look at the incentives, and we are having a blast finding what books we want to read through the summer.

I have created some fun printables to go along with the challenge, including a printable “reading train” where your children can create a train in their bedrooms (or any empty wall space) to keep track of not only the books they have read but also their favorite part of that book before they move on. At the end of the summer I will get them to choose one book from the train to write a book report on (get your free book report outline planner HERE). I am sharing that train with you as well as an exclusive reading log printable PLUS the chance for your kids to win some pretty awesome prizes, so keep reading and don’t forget to pin this for later!

Free Printable Summer Reading Challenge with 3 Prizes! Come join the summer reading challenge for kids 2016 and let's inspire our kids to pick up a book this summer (or 12). There are 3 prizes to be won! Click here for the book list to choose from and free printable reading log! summer reading challenge 2016 | summer reading | summer reading for kids | summer reading 2016 | summer reading list | homeschool language arts | homeschooling language arts | summer learning | summer fun | summer activities | summer contest | kids contest |


Inspiring our kids not TO read but to WANT to read

One of the the most frustrating challenges we face as parents is to make reading something our children want to do. We download reading logs and printables and take library trips and try to find their interests, but it can be difficult and sometimes I feel like I am forcing them to pick up that book. The reading challenge contest is open to both the USA and Canada and you can join in at anytime. It will be running all summer long from July 1st to August 31 and the winners will be announced the first week of September and/or once everyone submits their results ­čśë

Free Reading Log Printable | reading printable | reading printables | reading printable log | free reading log | free reading log printable | reading log printable | reading log grade 1 | reading log ideas | homeschool printables | homeschool freebies


Once you register for the reading challenge, you will receive this free reading log automatically in your inbox. You can print off one for each participating child and there is space for 25 books on each sheet. Write their names on top, you will be registering your child after I announce the prizes so keep reading!

The Summer Reading Challenge 2016 Prizes

Our fifth prize winner of the 2016 summer reading challenge will receive a 1 year subscription to Nat Geo Kids Magazine (from National Geographic) which includes 10 issues to a colourful magazine for children ages 6 and up and is worth $15.

Our fourth prize winner of the 2016 summer reading challenge will receive a prize that is for children ages 3-6 years old. It is the Nat Geo Big Little Bundle, a combination of 6 magazines and 6 little readers. It is worth $39.99 and will be chosen for one of our younger readers who may not be able to keep up with the older ones.

Our third prize winner of the 2016 summer reading challenge will receive a donation from Magformers. These are magnetic shapes that stick together through magnets. They are powerful and the opportunities of what your child can build is endless! They are perfect for children between the ages of 4-10 (and older) and sure to bring hours of fun into your homeschool. Think engineering and physics meets construction and science, with lots and lots of play. They have donated their 62 piece rainbow set valued at $99.99! You can see my YouTube review HERE for more information and head over to their website HERE to show your kids just how awesome this prize is!

Our second prize winner of the 2016 summer reading challenge will receive a┬ádonation from Heirloom Audio Productions, they are donating a set of 4 of their audio adventures including, “Beric the Briton”, “With Lee in Virginia”, “The Dragon and the Raven”, and “Under Drake’s Flag”. Each of these adventures are over 2 hours long and full of action packed adventure that is sure to be a favorite with your kids this year (while bringing history to life for them, win-win!). The set is valued at over $120 and will be shipped to the winner completely free of charge. See my YouTube review HERE for more information or head over to their website to check them out and show your kids what they could be winning HERE.

Our first prize winner of the 2016 summer reading challenge will win a donation from Wonder Workshop. They are donating their Dash robot, which is $149.99 value! It is the winner of Good Housekeeping’s 2015 Toy of the Year award! Wonder Workshop’s Dash is the smart, programmable robot that teaches kids 5+ how to code through play! Along with 5 free iOS, Android and Kindle compatible apps, Dash is the fun way to bring your child’s code, and imagination, to life! You can find out more information on their amazing robot HERE and inspire your kids to get cracking on the challenge.

Summer Reading Challenge 2016 with 5 Amazing Winners! Register your children at anytime, goes all summer long, join in the fun and let's get reading! summer reading challenge | summer reading for kids | summer reading 2016 | summer reading list | 2016 summer reading challenge | homeschool reading | homeschool language arts | homeschool grade 1 | homeschool grade 2 | homeschool grade 3 | homeschool grade 4 | summer reading challenge kids | summer reading challenge for kids


Your Free Summer Reading Challenge Train Printable

Grab your free reading train printable in the box below. Make sure you add to your contact list so that the e-mail doesn’t go to your junk folder! Once you put your name and email in the box you will automatically receive your download automatically within a matter of minutes. If you haven’t received it within 10 minutes, please contact me HERE to request a manual link.

Registration is now OPEN!

Registrations will be accepted all summer long, there is no cut-off and you can join in at any time. Take some time to show your kids the prizes, invite their friends to join in, share this with any other mom’s you know who would be interested, you don’t have to homeschool to participate! Fill in the form below and you will receive weekly book suggestions, reminders of the prize and a bit more information on them as well as updates. Towards the end of the summer, you will be invited to email me a picture of your reading log, your child’s name and how many books they read. I will compile all the information and find our winners! I am so excited to see our kids pick up the books… on their OWN volition, this summer and can’t wait to have you along on this journey. Register on the form below, your children must be reading to be eligible to win, but anyone can register!

Questions? Thoughts? Random words of encouragement? I want to hear it! Comment below!


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