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The Case for Having Kids

How many times have you heard someone tell you why they don’t want to have kids, or why you shouldn’t have kids, or why you should wait to have kids? A simple search on Google brought up 73,000,000 results against having children! Is that seriously happening?!?!?! The idea that kids are holding you down or not worth the sacrifice or a burden is not a new one and honestly, not without it’s points. Kids are hard! Being a parent is hands down the most difficult and challenging experience of my life and I really don’t think that will change.

They are a sacrifice, they do hold you back from being able to do whatever you want, they limit your freedom. And yet, millions and millions of parents around the world choose to have them. And more often than not, not just one! We choose to have another, and another, and in some cases a lot πŸ˜‰ To me, when I think of the biggest argument I can possibly give in the case for having kids, this is it:

Despite the difficulties of raising a child… we keep on doing it! What greater testimony to the value of parenting is there than that?!?!?!
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Below I am going to outline just a few of the reasons kids are worth the sacrifice, 10 reasons why we choose to have kids.

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10 Ways Having Kids Will Change your Life for the Better!

  1. Kids challenge you to be the best version of yourself.
    Having children encourages, inspires and drives me to always try harder, do better. It forces me to think outside myself and what I want to do and think instead of all these little people and what is best for them. I may have a terrible attitude or be feeling really sad about something, and yet when my three year old walks in the room, I put on a smile and snap myself out of it for her.
  2. Having kids helps you focus and prioritize your life.
    Before I had children the sky was the limit but my priorities were grossly skewed. Every single thing that I approach or am faced with now is automatically screened on the priority scale along with my children. Having kids caused me to really evaluate my life, what was most important to me? Sure, my current focus may be diapers and surviving until bedtime, but my perception of what my priorities are has completely shifted.
  3. Having kids brings joy.
    The joy that I receive from my children each and every day is the most pure, undiluted, natural, source of joy on earth! I mean, making these kids smile, listening to them giggle uncontrollably, hearing “I love you” for the first time in that little tiny human voice… JOY. I could be having but it can be shifted by just a 3 minute conversation with my 3 year old. Children bring joy, purpose, and meaning to your life that I can promise you you won’t find elsewhere!
  4. Having Kids bonds is a strong tie in your relationship.
    Now, before you get your panties in a knot, I am not saying without children your relationship will not be as strong. What I am saying is that they bond you and your spouse in a very unique way that nothing else can mimic. To create a little person together, to see glimpses of mom or dad come out, to both love someone so intensely… these are things only your spouse will understand. He/she will be the only person in the world who will care as deeply about these little people and that shared love, focus, drive will draw you closer together as well.
  5. Having Kids keep you young.
    You may not agree with that. In fact, you may argue parents of young children get more grey hairs, don’t take care of themselves as much, etc. and that may be true. But I am talking about young at heart! Having children brings you right back to those days in your own life. They keep you laughing and help you to see the joy in life. You can often find parents skipping along with their kids, singing goofy songs, not caring what anyone else thinks and having a blast doing it!
  6. Kids help you remember.
    When you see your child swim for the first time and remember doing it yourself (not that long ago I might add) it is the most mindblowing experience ever! When your child loses a tooth or rides their bike or get’s their ears pierced or has their first crush… all the memories come rushing back. You watch this person that most likely looks somewhat like you, acts and thinks somewhat like you, and is going through things that you can remember doing and it’s like the twilight zone up in here sometimes I tell you! However, despite it’s obvious strangeness, reliving life through the eyes of your child is an incredible thing!
  7. Kids are hope.
    I gotta admit something… there are days I look at our world, at our schools and government and culture and feel nothing short of terrified to bring a little person into this world! But when I look at my kids I see hope. So. Much. Hope. When I go to a funeral or hold my dying grandmothers hand, I snuggle my babes close and feel HOPE. When I look at our world and feel overwhelmed I kiss their little cheeks and feel HOPE.
  8. Got Kids? Welcome to the club!
    Having children pretty much instantly joins you to the “social club” of parenting. You are now welcome in parenting Facebook groups, parenting friendship circles, playdates, and so so much more! Now, if this was your primary reason to have children, I’d be concerned for you (and your child). But let’s not lie… it’s a really comforting thought! You won’t be in it alone, in fact there is literally a tribe of people out there who will root for you, support you, encourage you, tell you tasteless horror stories, etc. πŸ˜‰
  9. Having Kids makes your life full.
    With 5 (young) kids, our lives are busy, full, crazy, chaotic even, but they are never boring. We always have something to do, someone who needs us, noise and laughter and chatter and activity. The rare moments my husband and I have to ourselves we savor but VERY quickly we miss our kids. We miss the hum of life around us, life with kids is NEVER. EVER. Boring πŸ˜‰
  10. Having kids will make you grow as a person.
    This is a hard thing, and maybe not a welcome thing for all, but the fact remains that children expose you for who you really are. There is no hiding from it, no excusing it! If you are an impatient person, it will come out! You will be forced to address it, to work on it, to grow. Being a mother has made me a better person, it has forced me to accept my faults and tackle them head on. It has softened me and hardened me all at once. It has opened me up when I would have retreated and tested and challenged me beyond what I thought were my limits. I am a better, stronger, wiser person because of my kids and I have NO regrets!

Parenting is hard, but worth every minute!

There’s no question parenting is HARD! Without a doubt it is the hardest most challenging aspect of my life! But it is so rewarding and fulfilling and gives my life both meaning and joy every single day! I wouldn’t change it for the world and am so thankful that I was blessed with these little people in our lives!

Comment below and add to the list… Top reasons for having kids, and go!

I used to review curriculum, now I create it!