I used to review curriculum, now I create it

The Color Personality Test for Kids

I don’t think anyone would say they know their kids “too well.” The reality is, as our kids grow and change, we are all trying to understand them better so we can parent them as best we can! After creating the Learning Style Quiz last year, I wanted to create a new quiz that would help you understand your children better. This personality test for kids is designed to help you discern your child’s personality color.

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What is the personality color test?

There are 6 main personality colors: yellow, orange, red, purple, blue, and green. Each one has their own unique characteristics that set them apart. That’s all fine and dandy, but how can we figure that out for our children? And how on earth do we apply our knowledge of their personality in how we deal with them and relate to them? Enter the Hip Homeschooling Personality Quiz! This quiz will tell you the primary color your child relates with, what that color is defined by, and how you can use that in your parenting style with them. It is a comprehensive quiz, with 50 questions to help target all the different personality types and give you a solid overview.

As you take this test, I suggest setting aside about 5-10 minutes (per child you are doing this for) in a quiet place where you can concentrate on the questions. Take the time to envision your child in situations and scenarios and how they would respond now, not last year or even last month. Our kids are constantly changing. As you get the hang of the quiz and the different colors, you may start to guess what color your other children are, your husband, yourself even. However, you may be surprised! Both my husband and I took the quiz and our results were not ones we would have chosen for eachother from merely reading the personality traits. It is key that you take the time to answer these questions, have a notepad and pen ready and make some notes throughout as inspiration hits you if you want. As you come to the end you will receive the color analysis, read the overview and think about what you can add. This is such a great time to just mark down notes about your child, re-evaluate how to talk with them and approach various situations, and just understand them better!

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I used to review curriculum, now I create it!