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Unschooling Homeschool Style

Are you an unschooler? Whether you took the quiz and know you are, or are interested in learning more information, today we are going to talk a bit about this homeschool style and what it might look like. The primary vision of unschooling is: Child Led Learning. There is radical unschooling and not-so-radical unschooling, which can make it difficult for the rest of the world to figure out exactly what it is. Some people have a horrible opinion of unschooling because they have seen people take it to a place they are not comfortable with. Maybe you have seen or heard of unschoolers who do absolutely nothing. Their kids are in their PJ’s all day (um, I’ve been guilty of that a few times) playing video games and watching TV and the rest of the world assumes that that is what unschooling is. But the reality is, that is really far from the truth of what most unschoolers do.

What might the unschooling homeschool style look like?

You might wake up in the morning and over breakfast get talking about airplanes. So after breakfast, you look up airplanes on the computer and decide to try to make your own model airplane. On your way out to get supplies you might stop by the library to pick up some books about it so that you can learn how to put it together and the aerodynamics that will effect the design. True unschoolers often use curriculum, they just aren’t a slave to it. They use it when their children are interested in it, they buy curriculum based on their children’s interests, sometimes they will bring their children with them to curriculum fairs to choose whatever they want!

I have been blessed to know a few unschoolers in my time, who have been gracious enough to write here and share what a day might look like for them. I can tell you about the philosphy, or I can send you there to see for yourself some examples that speak more than mere words.

Has it dispelled some of your misconceptions about this homeschool style? It is an amazing style in which your child truly is able to own their education. They remember what they learn because they CHOSE to learn it. Learning becomes a way of life, not a chore they have to complete. But in some ways, it can be more work. You have to be present every day, physically but also mentally, waiting for those opportunities for discussion and learning and making them happen! Pin this image for later and let’s talk!

What is the Unschooling Homeschool Style and what does it look like? Unschooling ideas | unschooling encouragement | unschool style | uneschooling | homeschool style


Are you an unschooler or do you want to be? What is your favorite aspect of this homeschool style? Comment below!

Make sure you go back and take the homeschool style quiz if you haven’t already, and take the time to read about each of the homeschool styles. The more we can become aware of the focus of each style, the more we will find what resonates the most with us, and sometimes that is fluid and changing!


  1. My results came up unschooled and I’m totally not surprised. I was a Public School Teacher stuck in that box that you mentioned in another post. I HATED our scripted curriculums and packets of worksheets. I was bored to tears and my kids were bored as well. They HATED learning and that’s exactly the opposite of why I became a teacher. After becoming a mom, I decided I wanted different for my children. I want them to discover their interests and be life long learners.

    • That’s why I became a homeschool mom, too! ๐Ÿ™‚
      I have been in the teaching field for 18 years and now on my mission in life to homeschool and enjoy learning/teaching along with my kid.

      • I feel the only took me 3yrs teaching in the public system here to way were mine going here when they reached high school… and they didn’t although in the end it cost me about 50K for the 3 they graduated from our Catholic High School extremely successful.. and then we had another child and with him everything is different!! I’m different hubby is different and school is the most changed. Tried it for 3/4 of a year and knew it wasn’t for this child. So for the past 4yrs he’s been home w/me ..unschooling!! We love it..he is smart as a whip and absorbs everything..couldn’t be happier

  2. I have never heard of unschooling until today. This is exactly what I learned in college as a teacher!! It was called Project Based Learning at that time. I am just getting started with my homeschooling Kindergarten program. It is a Play Based approach but I intend to use this method as well. It is truly more rewarding to all and the information learned with go in long-term memory, not just stay in the short-term memory! Giving kids autonomy over their learning is huge!!! You can use any type of curriculum you want and just merely start talking about different things (about the curriculum) and one day the kids will stumble across those words in your bought curriculum and there you have created unschooling/project-based learning! I think some people steer away from this type of learning in fear that they will miss something. Don’t worry! If you feel that way, take a curriculum outline of what you wanted to cover and you will still be able to have your kids involved in a study of your choosing. All you have to do is surround them in different things related to the subject matter. ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyway, good luck everyone on your homeschooling journey!

  3. I’m trying to understand, as I am trying to decide what would work best for my family. If it is project based, isn’t it similar to unit learning? (That’s what I got.) I’m super excited to be getting involved, but my husband isn’t, so I’m hoping to have a basic outline of the styles and what would work best for us.

  4. Ik hou niet van het vastzitten aan maar enkel mijn kind beslist zijn intresse ik heb een vlotte leerder een moeilijke en 2 preschoolers dus mijn dag loopt in blokjes

  5. I knew I was an I an unschooler, I always felt like i was cheating because I do use some curriculum for some areas. like math, and reading. Everything else is pretty much added as we go, kids really ask so many questions that evoke learning and we look things up together and make learning happen!

  6. I have been a teacher for sometimes and this family wants me to coordinate unschooling for their children. I need ideas because i don’t wanna cheat with involving too much curriculum ?

  7. I got unschooler but I don’t believe it. I really like to have a plan to follow (even if it’s a plan I made) and I like having curricula but I will change and skip around if I need too. I would never describe myself as an unschooler.

  8. I got unschooler, I really thought I was Eclectic. We just became homeschooling parents a few days ago. Our first year starts August 10th and we are preparing for our journey. We will learn as we go and hopefully get a good grip after the first year. Wish us luck we will need it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. I got Unschooler… not surprised. I was surprised years ago when parents would ask if I’d continue homeschooling or send my kids to kindergarten. I just always followed my kids’ lead, but never considered it to be homeschooling. While I’m keeping my 4th grader in public school, where he seems to do fine, I’ve unenrolled my 6 year old, 2nd grader. He’s a self-taught, voracious reader who is ALWAYS learning. Always. School suffocated him, proving his knowledge was unbearable, and so he’s home pursuing his deep, meandering interests. I’m so excited for him!

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