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How to Teach a Visual Learner: My Top Resources and Tips!

What is a visual learner? How do you know if you have one? And for heavens sake, how do you TEACH one!?!???!?! I’m going to walk you through everything you need to know about homeschooling a visual learner.

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What IS a visual learner?

Wikipedia defines a visual learner as follows:

…a learning style in which ideas, concepts, data, and other information are associated with images and techniques.

They are one of the easiest learning styles to teach simply because workbooks, reading, watching videos, etc. all work really well for them! Some things you need to look out for however, is that because your child is wired to pick up on and learn visually, this can also be their biggest distraction.

You may find that a lot of activity around them (ie. siblings) distract them, that they are looking everywhere but their books. You may find books with lots of bright colors and pictures distract them! Black and white textbooks are often the best for this type of learner.

How do I know if my child is a visual learner?

First, stop what you’re doing and head over to take the Learning Style Quiz. I designed this quiz to approach learning both in AND out of the classroom. It’s only 10 questions and you can do it for yourself, for all your children, etc. and see whether you have a visual learner or not.

Once you have taken the test, you can confirm your findings by asking yourself a few questions about your child. Ask yourself if your child meets the definition or characteristics of a visual learner above.

If so, CONGRATULATIONS! You have a visual learner on your hands!

Top resources for teaching a visual learner

So now that you know you have a visual learner, how do you teach them??? As the proud parent of a VERY visual little man… I have come up with my top, MUST HAVE resources for teaching a visual learner.

1. Snap Circuits!

We have been using these for a while with the kids and the lights and sounds version (which is literally PERFECT for visual learners) is available this week on Educents! CLICK HERE or click on the image to grab yours!

snap circuits



What are snap circuits? Watch and be amazed at what your music can do with the new Snap Circuits Lights. Connect your iPod or any MP3 player and enjoy your music as the lights change to the beat. This self-guided project is great for visual learners to use while learning about science & circuits!

2. Magic School Bus!

We love the Magic School Bus Science Club! You can get it right now for 50% off this week only! CLICK HERE or on the image to grab your subscription!

Magic School Bus for visual learners



You get a 12-month subscription to Ms. Frizzle-approved, whacky experiments delivered to your doorstep for award-winning science FUN– 50% OFF + Free Shipping within the US. Ships to Canada for $2/month. This is an AWESOME resource for visual learners for science that will last you all year long!

3. Tegu Blocks!

The options with these blocks are endless! The different colors make this ideal for visual learners as they create something with these wooden blocks. CLICK HERE or click on the image to get them for 20% off!

Tegu blocks resources for visual learners

Open-ended play is endangered, but Tengu’s magnetic blocks are bringing it back! Created with beautiful Honduran hardwoods and safe water-based finishes, these blocks have proven wildly addictive for kids and will encourage the simple joy of creating for generations. They are wonderful for visual learners and can be used in SO many ways throughout your lessons, as math manipulatives, pattern creations, build a story, etc. For children that need to see it, these blocks are amazing!

4. Interactive Emergent Readers.

I love these, there are two packs, one for A-M and one for N-Z. There are 4 activities to practice with each letter as well as a page with QR code links to letter songs! Perfect for visual learners! Purchase the bundle by CLICKING HERE or on the image below!

All About A-M Interactive Bundle for Visual Learners


5. All About Reading/All About Spelling.

I am in LOVE with All About Reading and All About Spelling. I love how it is comprehensive, step-by-step, walking you as a teacher through the program. But it is a fantastic resource for visual learners as well as it is black and white and the kids are building and seeing their words.

*Just a side not on black and white vs. color. We love color but if you have a visual learner, you may find that the colors and activity is very distracting to them! In that case, black and white will allow them to just focus on the task at hand. 

CLICK HERE or the image below to grab your Reading and Spelling set for the fall!

All About Reading for visual learners


6. Trifold Boards.

Trifold boards are relatively inexpensive and we make them even cheaper by cutting them in half (along the width) to make two! We use them to block the kids’ line of sight. It makes a HUGE difference and really helps them focus on their work instead of spend their time looking at what everyone else is doing. 😉

tri fold poster boards for visual learners

What are YOUR Favorite Resources for Teaching a Visual Learner?


  1. Thanks Erin! My younger son is a mix of both as well. We’ve had to do some experimenting to see what works for him and what doesn’t. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment 🙂

  2. My son is a visual learner, so I’m having a hard time teaching him. It makes sense that I would want to get some fun tools that would help! I’ll look for workbooks that use pictures.

  3. Your learning style quiz was so helpful. I actually think that my son is a visual learner and my daughter is auditory.

    I plan on using the findings to help them learn effectively. From now on I’ll look for diagrams pictures and mind maps too for him. We bought a tape recorder for our daughter to use during lessons.

    Thank you for your quiz.

  4. My son is a visual learner. I had his hearing skills evaluated to see if he had hearing difficulties. I was at work today and I was looking at a magnetic letter board that might work for him. He loves picture books and toys that light up. He does get distracted by bright lights.

    My daughter on the other hand is more of a auditory learner. She gets distracted by music. What curriculum do you recommend for a predominantly visual learner? What curriculum do you use for a auditory learner? How do you teach a hands on learner?

  5. My daughter is 40/40 auditory/visual and 20 kinesthetic learner. She gets distracted by noise and by others. Until I came across your test, I could not comprehend why she is so distracted but now, it makes sense. She is the type, she will sit and look around at what others are doing instead of focusing on her work. She also notices all the noises like airplane, car, kids playing outside you name it her ears are there. She definitely loves to talk. She will frequently get off topic because a picture triggered her memory of a cartoon she watched and would rather talk about that then learn to read ?.

    • My daughter got the exact same results. How are you doing with your daughter? This is my first year with homeschooling. And I’ve changed curriculums a couple of times now. I just ordered some master books because saxton math was a flop. And we are trying A becks for LA. What have you found has worked best for your daughter?

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I used to review curriculum, now I create it!