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Free Watercolor Solar System Printable Memory Game!

We are currently studying the solar system and I wanted to find something that wasn’t quite so “kiddish” and helped my children really appreciate the colors, intricacies, and beauty of the planets. When I wasn’t finding what I was looking for, I decided to purchase some beautiful watercolor images and put them together as a memory matching game to enforce the planet names and features. This solar system printable easy to print and could be laminated and used over and over again! So make sure to pin it for later!

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Solar System Printable Memory Game

This is a simple resource but the images were hand painted in watercolor so it is a beautiful addition to your next activity tray! Simply put your name and email in the box below to download it instantly and hit print! (Don’t worry if it doesn’t show up well in the preview, it prints perfectly). Cut it out on the lines and laminate if you want. You can do just the planets (please note I included the dwarf planet Pluto) or for older children as a word recognition element you could do the word cards. You can also have the children match up one of the pictures with the coordinating word card to mix it up. There are three different levels to the game depending on which cards you are using so it is applicable for a broad age range.

I hope you love it as much as we do!

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Are you studying space right now? What resources have you found? Comment below!


    • Thanks Marty! I’m glad it will get put to good use! There are so many applications, you could use the planets and put them in order from the sun, etc. I may have to expand the pack as time goes on 😉

    • Thanks so much Kimberly! I found some cute little smiley face planets but when I saw these beautiful watercolor paintings I just fell in love! I love that it is exposing the kids to some beautiful artwork at the same time! We talked a bit about shadowing and how the artist used different dynamics in the planets to make them look 3D. Totally worth the money 🙂

  1. Thanks Rebecca! These printed up quite nicely! I’m going to use them with my second grader who is working on astronomy – maybe they will help her memorize the order of the planets? They sure are pretty anyways!
    Is it just me, or did jupiter and pluto not get pics?

  2. These look really lovely, is it possible to still get these printables? There doesn’t appear to be a place to fill in my name and email any longer.

  3. Hi Rebecca. I’m wiwit from Indonesia. Thanks for the printables. Memory game is favorite of my students. they’ll be happy play it. Thank you so much

  4. These are beautiful but unfortunately even though I’ve tried signing up with 2 different email addresses a link never comes through?

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I used to review curriculum, now I create it!