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The Master Homeschool Curriculum List

The Homeschool Curriculum list is here! WITH LINKS! Your one stop click ‘n’ shop! Come and browse for your homeschool curriculum needs! If you read my How to Start Homeschooling post you might be wondering “what’s next?” You know what school you want to go with, you know what method most fits you, and now you are just itching to get going! Well, let’s move along with the next step, choosing your homeschool curriculum.

I want to start off by stating very clearly… there is no perfect homeschool curriculum! There is no perfect answer that will work for you and your child and create total and perfect harmony in your home! It is an often painful process finding what works for each child and yourself. The most frustrating aspect is that after years of searching and experimenting, when you do find that golden nugget that just clicks… it is often not lasting. Your child is constantly changing and growing and maturing, your life is most likely flowing and shifting and circumstances change. What worked for you last year may be a total bomb this year! It really is the hardest part of getting started and can be one of the most discouraging things when you feel like you are failing and nothing is working. Just remember that if you are in this place… it isn’t you! It is not your teaching or failure that is causing this lack of connection with your child… you just need to find a different key. And you will! Give yourself time and some grace to stumble as you find your way, it can be a very windy path indeed.

The options are ENDLESS, so I am just going to list some of the main ones for both homeschool curriculum books and online. I will separate them by subject so scroll down to what you are looking for and see if there is something you hadn’t heard of before!

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Top Homeschool Curriculum Picks

Sigh, I love books. I love the smell of them, the excitement of getting that big box in the mail and exploring the treasures inside. So many of my memories being homeschooled are about those precious books. I am a BIG fan of homeschool curriculum and my bowing shelves can attest to that. Each resource or homeschool curriculum listed will be a link. Just click on it to go to the website or to shop for that resource. I have gathered as many links as I can as the prices are 20-30% lower than anywhere else. Please note some of these are affiliate links, to help support this site ? If you want to look for a specific book, I would love if you would search using this box, it links back to my page and every purchase helps keep this site going and helps me bring you great content!


Alright, drumroll please……..

The Master Homeschool Curriculum List

All-inclusive Kits/Programs




Language Arts

Online Programs/Homeschool Curriculum

Who doesn’t love a great online program? Less pressure on mom and an easy way to stay on top of your reporting/marking/tracking. Take a look at our top picks for online programs, maybe you’ll find something new!

Free Online Resources/Programs

Unit Studies

Extra Resources

Bible Curriculum

I am sure I am missing a bazillion but I don’t want to completely overwhelm you if you are new. If you are a homeschool pro, please help us out and add your fav homeschool curriculum links in the comments below so people can scroll down to see more great suggestions.

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What is YOUR favorite homeschool curriculum or resource?



  1. Thank you! I am planning & researching what we’re going to use for next year for my kids (we use a charter school right now) so this is a great resource! Pinning so I can look at it over & over 🙂

  2. One fantastic program that I cannot recommend highly enough for teaching spelling is “All About Spelling”.

    My daughter has a terrific short-term memory and would always get 100% on her spelling tests when we used regular methods of learning. But 2 weeks later, she was unable to spell those words. She’d totally forget what she’d learned. I was desperate to find a way for her to retain what she’s learning and that’s when I stumbled upon “All About Spelling”. They use multisensory strategies and really build from the ground up which was fantastic for her as she was learning with all her senses and what’s better, it stuck with her.

    We breezed through the first level and is now basically on par with her age level of spelling despite having been quite behind previously. They also do a reading program, tho I have not yet tried it out.

    • Marianne, that’s awesome! We have all about spelling and all about reading as well. It is a fantastic resource. When we ware struggling we always go back to it.

  3. Thanks for sharing! That is a very thorough list. I will add that, while not a “curriculum”, I have enjoyed supplementing our studies with lessons I’ve found on edhelper. Having a child in high school, jr high, and elementary, I would say that it is the most useful to elementary homeschoolers, though I have found some good things for the upper grades as well.

    • Easier and harder, so much to sift through and research, more options can be overwhelming! But hopefully this list helps 🙂

      Thanks for visiting!

  4. Thanks for this great list, Rebecca. So helpful! There are two additional curriculums that work really well for our middle school children I thought you may enjoy checking out.

    Phonetic Zoo Spelling which is put out by Institute for Excellence in Writing. This follows on well from All About Spelling, beginning at a Grade 3 level. We are having fantastic results with our G4 child who has struggled with spelling.

    We love Apologia Science and will keep using it, but our avid science lover wanted more and has learned so much with
    Lots of fun, hands on experiments. They offer some free lessons to try it out first.

    Really enjoying your blog. Thanks! Penny

  5. This is great I am in the middle of studying to be a teacher and I think this would be a great resource for student teachers and tutors in general

  6. UnLock Math is a great new online math curriculum. Pre-Algebra now available with more on the way. Takes care of all Teaching, Testing, and Grading. Designed to reduce math anxiety & build confidence and understanding.

    • I just checked it out, looks fantastic! Love how current it is, often online videos are really old fashioned. It is only for grade 7 and up though 🙁 It would be AWESOME to have something like that for elementary grades 🙂

      • Thanks Rebecca! And thanks for putting us on you curriculum list. We are getting requests for the younger grades and once we complete the high school subjects we may develop something for k-6. One thing at a time though 🙂

    • I was trying to keep it not too overwhelming but honestly, I keep adding and adding 🙂 I will add a category for unit studies right now! Thank you 🙂

      • I think of all the unit studies we have tried, Dorian Holt’s A World of Adventure has been our favorite. The only downside is that it is geared to 4th-8th grade. I had to supplement a lot for my children in outlying grades. Otherwise, it has the best written unit studies in my opinion.

  7. A favorite online curriculum is

    She actually started as a local co-op in my area, but has now been online for 2 years. She offers a “full” package for middle or high school, or you can pick 1-2 courses. Courses are from a Biblical worldview with LIVE teacher and student interactions (not pre-recorded).

  8. THANK YOU SO MUCH! You have listed a couple of free resources that I wasn’t aware of. I’m a first year homeschooler and we are still trying to find ways to learn that are fun {and free}.

    • My pleasure, I’m always on the prowl for more supplemental free resources too, there are a LOT of free printables on homeschool bloggers sites as well which are fantastic!

  9. Are there any recommendations what would be the best curriculum for a hands-on learner? He’s my challenge because he learns the opposite of me and my first son – so I’m kind of lost :/

    • For math, math u see or horizon, they both have manipulatives that work better for kinesthetic learners. For language arts its a bit harder, we try to make things fun with roll-a-stories, we use all about reading and all about spelling (they have letter tiles, you are building the words rather than just reading them), and for science I HIGHLY recommend Nancy Larson, it comes with a ton of activities and projects. If you are wanting an experiment heavy science program (if they love love love experiments) then I would suggest a reason for science. It comes with all your experiments and you learn primarily through them rather than sitting down and reading. 🙂

      Hope that helps!

  10. This is an awesome list and I can’t wait to get back to look it over more closely. We’re in our first year of homeschooling (kinder and 2nd grade now) and I’ve just been bumbling along with workbooks and online printables but know we’ll need to look into a more comprehensive curriculum as they grow!

    • It takes a few years to figure out what works, and then it doesn’t work anymore and you’re back to the drawing board 😉 It is overwhelming, the main thing is finding your child’s learning style, then you can find a program that will work the best for them. 🙂 Good luck and I’m happy to answer any questions you may have over at my facebook page or by email 🙂

  11. I was wondering if you could suggest a spelling program for dyslexic children.
    Thanks in advance, for any help you can give.

    • have you heard about all about spelling? It is fantastic! My daughter is left handed and for the first year at least she struggled a lot with reading, writing, everything was backwards, even the direction of her writing. We purchased this program and never looked back! They are using letter tiles that have the correct direction to them and it REALLY helps for them to be able to see and touch the hands on tools rather than just writing it and seeing it. For my daughter, it changed everything.

  12. What an AWESOME resource!! Thanks for sharing 🙂 I pinned it for future reference. Right now we are totally satisfied with our picks. We are using HEart of Dakota next year for our core, Rod and Staff and CLE Math for the other subjects. It’s crazy that it is planning season already.

  13. Thanks so much! This is great info! This will be our first year homeschooling! We are all very excited, but sifting through the curriculum can be a bit overwhelming…we have 2 very kinesthetic learners (7 & 9), both of our children struggle with their reading…but are awesome in math & science! Any suggestions? Also, looking for something for our son (who has ADHD) & has horrible writing skills (he’s a lefty lol)…they both love love love experiments! Any advice is greatly appreciated ❤️

  14. We use the Trail Guide to Learning series from and love it! I believe it’s all-inclusive – just need to add Math. They offer from about 3rd grade – middle school and will be adding High School as well. Ruth Beechick approved. (I believe she was the mentor of one of the authors.)

  15. We have been using Discovery K12 and Mystery Science. Both are free and fun! Thanks for posting this great list, there are so many options out there.

  16. Thanks for the great list! I am bookmarking to share with my friends. These resources will definitely help all homeschooling parents to choose the best curriculum for their families.

  17. Our two favorite free curriculums are Wildwood ( and Ursa Minor ( Both are Charlotte Mason style and Wildwood is 1st-3rd at the moment and Ursa Minir is high school. We moved to them after a few years of tweaking AO stopped working for us and are very happy.

  18. Yes! A newer curriculum is at they have math practice books (to use over the summer or fill in gaps) core books meant to be used with library books in a delight directed way. Some are more unit studyish and my favorites are the mom books so we can be an example of learning our own stuff and being an awesome adult! They all look beautiful and are very artistic and appealing to creative kids and use right brain dominant strategies for learning to spell and learning subjects in a whole to part way rather than the typical part to whole. They were especially made for kids with dyslexia or adhd or asperger’s, but the independant creative kids love these too. Wouldn’t work as well for kids that just want to get their work over and done. They are meant to inspire independent learning and loving it.

  19. Thank you for sharing this great list of homeschooling curricula! My kids loooooooooooove CTCMath and Reading Eggs! CTCMath makes my life so much easier. As a mother of 10 children (yes 10 children), Teaching math to multiple grade levels presented a great challenge. I was never so relieved when we stumbled upon CTCMath.

    If you’d like to read my full review of CTCMath (and get a discount) read it here –

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