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5 Things Husbands Wish their Wives Knew about Homeschooling

Many women feel alone when it comes to homeschooling. Their husbands seem standoffish at best, judgmental even of their progress. When they try to approach their husbands they are met with what appears to be indifference. I have caught myself wondering if my husband even cares that I am homeschooling or recognizes what I do! Have you been there? I did a bit of research and interviewing and came up with 5 things husbands wish their wives knew about homeschooling. Though your husband may not fit into this box exactly, perhaps it will help you to understand where they are coming from… you are not alone!

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1. We want to be involved.

We really want to be involved. We feel a bit left out of the whole homeschool experience. We believe in it, we see the value in it, we agree with you in it… and yet we go off to work. We hear little snippets but we really don’t know exactly how it all works. We wish we could be more hands on, that you would include us more rather than just taking charge. We would love to have a part in our child’s education and we truly want to help.

2. We don’t really know how to help.

Although we want to help, we really have no idea where to start. We are very overwhelmed with the homeschool room. There are books everywhere, we don’t understand the system or how we can jump in. We don’t know how to do things or what page to start on. Because we are intimidated by the whole thing, we find it easier to just sit this one out.

3. We wish you were more free.

We see those articles about road schooling and unschooling. We hear tales of field trips and family adventures. Part of what intrigued us about homeschooling to begin with was the freedom it would bring our family and yet there are times I feel more tied down than if the kids were in school. I wish we weren’t a slave to the schedule. I wish you weren’t so stressed about meeting requirements or checking off your list. I wish our home was one of learning, yes, but also freedom to play and grow together as a family.

4. We are results driven (because that is the only way we can measure).

Sometimes we judge, sometimes we feel the need to hold you accountable or be the “principle”. It helps us feel like we have a place in this whole experience but it is also the only way we can see the results. Men are results-driven, we want to see that something is working and if it isn’t we want to move on to the next solution. When we hear you vent about a problem with the kids, we want to just fix it. Over time, we have come to realize that that almost never works, however it is build into our nature. Because we don’t fully understand the inner workings of our homeschool, we don’t know how else to view it.

5. We are in awe of what you do.

We may not always approach it the right way, we may get confused or bewildered or even frustrated with the cost we see to you… but we are in awe of you. We brag about you every chance we get and are so proud of your tenacity and passion for our children. Underneath all the rough edges and misunderstandings we may have about homeschooling, we truly don’t know how you do it.

Have you ever asked YOUR husband? What does he wish YOU knew about homeschooling? Comment below!

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I used to review curriculum, now I create it!