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Bullet Journal Weekly Layout Ideas

Weekly planning is one of my FAVORITE things to do. I set up a time each Saturday to set up my new weekly spread. I spend time researching on Pinterest, make myself a hot drink, turn on some music, and plan! Better yet now that it is fall and I have the pitter-patter of the rain outside the window! I now pre-plan my bullet journal weekly layout in pencil, I find it gives me the freedom and flexibility to experiment before I set it all up in marker. Today I am going to share with you a few different weekly spread ideas that I am loving right now. I have done some pretty complex weekly layouts and while I love the look of them I don’t stick them because they are way too complex and time consuming to create and keep up with. Take a look at the pics below and comment your favorite!

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Bullet Journal Weekly Layout

bullet journal weekly layout

bullet journal weekly layout #1


bullet journal weekly layout

bullet journal weekly layout #2


bullet journal weekly layout

bullet journal weekly layout #3


bullet journal weekly layout

bullet journal weekly layout #4


bullet journal weekly layout

Weekly Bullet Journal Layout #5


bullet journal weekly layout

bullet journal weekly layout #6

You’ll notice that I prefer black and white minimalist layout ideas. The simpler it is, the better! I will rarely add a pop of color, but I really do prefer the clean look of black and white. I would love to hear which one appeals to you the most in the comments below! Plus keep reading for more planning posts!

Let’s talk about fountain pens!

Tomorrow’s post is all about fountain pens! I’ll show you the pens I have, talk about flex or soft pens, and what you need to consider before you take the plunge!

Did you know this is part of a 31 day series? There will be a post each day this month showcasing how I use bullet journaling, planning, hand lettering, and more! We will talk about the tools you need and I’ll review some of my pen hoard (including my brand new flex fountain pens, eeeeek!). There will be videos, pictures, hand lettering practise pages, doodle challenges, journaling prompts, some amazing giveaways, and hopefully a TON of inspiration to get you writing in your planner, whatever that may look like for you! How can you get on board?

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Which weekly spread do you like the most?


  1. I like the last one! I’m new in BJ (2 months) but I feel this is the template for me. I like to make a line in the right side of the week as a small divide, and write there the food I ended up eating and my class of the day.

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