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The AMAZING Curriculum Reveal Roundup 2015 and Favorite things Friday # 19

I love reading curriculum reveals and seeing what other homeschoolers choose, don’t you? I searched around the web and found as many curriculum reveal posts I could to share with you! If you’re a blogger, make sure to add your curriculum reveal to the link up below! I hope you find these as inspiring and interesting as I do! Make sure to pin this post for later!

2015/2016 Great curriculum reveal roundup: Come see what other homeschoolers chose for this year and be inspired! 

Curriculum Reveal Roundup

1. Hip Homeschooling's 2015/2016 Curriculum Reveal

I’ll start with my own, you can view our curriculum choices for this year by clicking on the image above or CLICK HERE. I show you what curriculum we are using for our group lessons, 1st grade, 2nd and 3rd grade.

2. curriculum by look we're learning

This is the curriculum reveal from Look We’re Learning. You can check out her full post by CLICKING HERE or on the image to the left. She describes what curriculum she is using for 1st grade, 2nd grade and 5th grade.

3. Frog's Lillypad curriculum

This is a curriculum reveal from Frog’s Lillypad. Click on the image or CLICK HERE to see her curriculum choices this year for 10th grade.

4. Classically Homeschooling Curriculum Choices

This is a curriculum reveal from Classically Homeschooling. Sara’s kids are preschool, kindergarten, 7th, 10th, and 12th grades so there’s something for everyone! Click on the image or CLICK HERE to see her curriculum choices for this year!

5. Four Little Penguins Curriculum

This is a curriculum reveal from 4 Little Penguins. Her kids are grade 3, 4, 6, and 7 and I love her curriculum choices! There are so many great choices in here (and how cute is her blog title?) You can see her picks by clicking on the image or CLICK HERE.

6. Homeschool Gameschool Curriculum Choices

This is a curriculum reveal from Homeschool Gameschool for 3rd grade this year. Click on the image or CLICK HERE to see some of her choices.

7. This Sweet Life of Mine Curriculum

This is a curriculum reveal from This Sweet Life of Mine for 7th Grade. She has a two part series so make sure you check them both out! I really enjoyed seeing all the different books she is using, because they are so different than mine! Click on the image or CLICK HERE to check it out!

8. Annie and Everything Curriculum Choices

This is a curriculum reveal from Annie and Everything for grades 7 and 11. Because my kids are so much younger, I really enjoyed reading this post and getting a close look at Classical Conversations. Make sure you check it out by clicking on the image or CLICK HERE!

9. Cutting Tiny Bites Curriculum

This is a curriculum reveal from Cutting Tiny Bites for Kindergarten. I have heard such good things about this Sassafras Science Adventures, I’m really tempted to buy it! Check out her post by clicking on the image or CLICK HERE.

10. Adventures in Mommydom Curriculum

This is a curriculum reveal from Adventures in Mommydom for grade 5. I enjoyed her choices because they are unique and out of the box. I have a daughter who is very kinesthetic and am bookmarking this post for the future. Click on the image or CLICK HERE to see her post!

Favorite things Friday

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Modeling Christ as Home by Faithful with the Little

This week’s featured post is by Rebekah from Faithful With the Little titled, “Modeling Christ at Home. I am so drawn to Rebekah’s posts, this one is so raw and authentic and I could SO relate! If you have ever been at a complete loss for patience (and if you’re a mom, I can nearly guarantee you have), you NEED to read this post! Make sure to check it out! To read more simply click on the image or CLICK HERE and make sure you pop over and say hi on her Facebook page HERE.

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    • I love reading your posts each week! They are so encouraging and relevant to my life, you’re one of my fav bloggers! 🙂 Thanks for linking up and being a part of this my friend! Your post is scheduled on my social media for today!

  1. Love this! I’ll totally have to go through and check out everyone’s curriculum choices. We’re not homeschooling yet, but hoping to as our little guy gets older. Thanks so much for hosting this!

  2. Thanks for hosting Rebecca ! Its been crazy busy here these last few days… I’m just getting to reading all these great posts ! Have a great week.

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