I used to review curriculum, now I create it

Free Printable Copywork Mini Booklet: Adam and Eve

If you follow me, you will probably know that we recently dived right in to the Brave Writer lifestyle. It has changed (COMPLETELY) not only our homeschool, but also the entire dynamic of our home. School went from taking us all day long, often with a few bouts of tears and definitely a few moments me grinding my teeth to a pulp… to taking about an hour in the morning. Say what? You can read tons of reviews here or watch a video review in the sidebar on the right, for now let’s talk about copywork. One of the main components of the Brave Writer program is copywork. We have been doing a lot more if it in our home and I decided that my next freebie should follow suit so I put together this free printable copywork mini book!

free printable copywork mini book: adam and eve


There are so many benefits to copywork! Your kids’ spelling and printing and reading and grammar and sentence structure will ALL improve as they mimic and learn from good writing examples! If writing is a major battle in your home, you need to give copywork a chance (and you need to read my Brave Writer review… coming soon!).

Grab your free printable copywork mini booklet: Adam and Eve.

I basically sat down and rewrote the story of Adam and Eve into rhyming stanza’s. This mini booklet is printed out onto 3 pages. You cut each page into four and staple your booklet together on the side. Each page is designed to be one day of simple copywork for children in grades K-3. I tried to include different elements such as quotation marks, exclamation marks, and a Bible verse to copy at the end. Each page also has a picture frame with some fun black and white cliparts for your children to color. My kids love coloring and this helps give them something to look forward to once they have completed their copywork assignment for the day. The finished booklet will be 10 pages long which means your kids have 2 full school weeks of copywork in this one little printable!

free printable copywork mini book: adam and eve

One of my daughter’s copywork pages.

To print your booklet, make sure you are using adobe acrobat reader to view the PDF. In the print window, set your page sizing to multiple, and make sure it is set to 2 by 2 pages per sheet. Then cut and staple and your kids are set to go for a few weeks of copywork!

Free printable copywork mini book: adam and Eve

A look at what your printer settings should be

Download your free printable copywork mini booklet here!

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Free BONUS Printable for YOU too!

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Gratitude Journal Coloring page and journaling template

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Do you do copywork in your home?

I used to review curriculum, now I create it!