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How my kids memorized all their times tables and division facts in 2 weeks flat!

Let’s talk about how to teach multiplication and division. Let’s talk about how frustrating they are to teach over and over again. Let’s talk about how my son went from barely understanding the concept to memorizing his times tables and division facts in 2 weeks FLAT. A grandiose claim, but 100% true! Make sure to pin this post for later! Whether you homeschool or your child just needs some extra help, you NEED to read this Times Tales review and find out about this amazing tool!

Are you going crazy trying to figure out how to teach multiplication? How my kids mastered multiplication and division in 2 weeks flat!


How to teach multiplication fast!

My son is 8, he is good at math… and yet we had a gap. He understood the concepts of multiplication and division, but didn’t have them memorized. This meant that math went from taking 10 minutes in the morning to an hour. It slowed him down. He had to REALLY think about his answers, draw illustrations or use blocks to find out his answers. It was frustrating for both of us and it was clear to me that we needed to stop the bus and just master his times tables. We started using math wrap ups, which he found incredibly challenging on any number 3 and up. We tried singing songs, nothing was working! Some would help for a bit but as soon as we took a break, he wouldn’t have retained anything he’d learned!

Until one random day, I was approached by Times Tales about doing a review for them. I was on that e-mail so fast you guys, this was perfect timing and I was reaching the point of desperation. We worked out the details and downloaded our videos and pdfs and off we went. I will admit, somewhat embarrassingly, that I had no idea what “mnemonic-based program” really meant. I was thinking acronyms in my addled mind, but I knew it was a good thing (don’t judge me!). My good friend Wikipedia explained:

A mnemonic device, or memory device, is any learning technique that aids information retention in the human memory. Mnemonics aim to translate information into a form that the brain can retain better than its original form.

I looked that up for you but it was clear within about 5 minutes what this program was all about, no Wikipedia necessary! I initially put the video in and was slightly skeptical. It looked a little cheesy to me. The graphics on the video were corny… I wasn’t sure this was going to work! My kids watched the first step in one sitting. We pulled out our flashcards and… they were getting it! My 6 year old who has never heard of multiplication was getting it! My 7 year old kinesthetic learner who REALLY struggles with math (even simple addition) was getting it! I went through the flashcards and watched them giggle and laugh together and fight to be the first one to say the answer and I saw the wonder in their eyes as they understood.

How to teach multiplication with times tales

How to teach multiplication with Times Tales.

Times Tales are essentially cute little stories that act as memory triggers. For example, when the kids see 7×3, they envision Mrs. Week (the shape of 7) catching butterflies (the shape of 3) in her net. She caught 2 and 1 landed on her net. These stories are visual, they are also auditory so this worked well for both my boys. However my daughter in kinesthetic so for her we used the flashcards and cubes and did a bit more work. Still, with a bit of repetition she had it figured out and we haven’t looked back.

how to teach multiplication with times tales

The program is available as a DVD ($24.95) or digital download ($19.95). I loved the digital download as I didn’t have to wait, we could start right away! They also have a print version as well as other add-ons available on their website. You will receive your videos as well as printable PDF’s to go along with your program. We printed off our flashcards and cubes on card stock so that they would last through my 3 kids. They come with easy cut marks so it was super simple and took us about 15 minutes or so of prep to be ready to start. I let the kids start watching the first step of the video while I cut the flashcards.

One of the things that Hannah (your host through the videos) says to the kids is not to try to figure out how it works. Just listen to and learn the stories and it will all make sense. When it does all come together, it was so fun to see the “aha” moment when they realized how the stories fit in. After that, we needed to watch the video a few more times with them paying more attention and within the first 2 days, all three of my children had mastered step one (3 and 4 times tables). The video teaches the most difficult to memorize times tables: 3×6,3×7,3×8,3×9,4×6,4×7,4×8,4×9,6×6,6×7,6×8,6×9,7×7,7×8, 7×9,8×8,8×9,9×9. Which is fine, because 2, 5, and 10 are the easiest ones for my kids once they learned skip counting.

how to teach multiplication with times tables

Mrs. Week sat on a chair and caught 2 boots and 8 trout (7×4 = 28)

What we thought of Times Tales.

The reality is this program worked exactly how it said it would. My kids loved doing it, their confidence in themselves grew, their math improved, etc. Could it have better graphics? sure! But if it ain’t broke don’t fix it! I was so blown away by a) how little this required of me (big family win right there!) and b) how quickly and absolutely this program worked. Even after taking a 3 week break for Christmas, they remembered the stories! A quick review and we were back to whizzing through our math books again!

Are you going crazy trying to figure out how to teach multiplication? How my kids mastered multiplication and division in 2 weeks flat!

I assumed that because of the title, this program would only cover how to teach multiplication however it also teaches division. As your children learn the stories for multiplication, all they have to do to divide is find the missing number (which is SUPER simple). I still believe in my child learning the concept so that they can figure things out for themselves, however memorizing basic facts is so important! Never have I found a tool that was so effective and so fast, I have relearned my times tables right alongside my children (how cool is that?).

I wish I had this growing up, I will recommend it to everyone I know! It is very affordable, it works, it works, it works, and have I mentioned it works? If you are going crazy trying to figure out how to teach multiplication, stop what you are doing and CLICK HERE to grab your copy today. This week, you master multiplication in your home!

Have you been struggling with how to teach multiplication? Comment below!

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  1. I just bought the times tales program last week! Its remarkable how fast my kids who were struggling with learning facts are now blazing through them. They need this system in schools!

  2. ty for this review, rebecca!!! i’ve seen this advertised somewhere, and thought “does that REALLY work??” and i’ve been debating on whether or not to buy it! thank you so much! 🙂

    • My pleasure, it really does work! I hope you love it as much as I do! Come back and tell me how it worked for you once you’ve tried it for a bit!

  3. Thanks so much for this review! I will be getting this. My daughter gets almost perfect scores in her Math curriculum, however she agonizes over her multiplication. I look forward to seeing her lightbulb coming on!

  4. I wonder if there is any plan to include the rest of the times tables? I just downloaded the free trial and watched it with my kids. It seemed so silly and yet it worked! I’ll be getting it now. Thanks for the review!

  5. Thanks for the review. I have a question. You know how as adults we still sometimes have to recall what comes after a certain letter of the alphabet by singing the alphabet song in our heads. That’s because it comes out the same way we put it in. Does this work the same way, meaning will my kids have to quote a silly saying to pull the answers up. Or will they quickly be able to recall that 3×7=21 ?

    • I’m interested in hearing the answer to this as well. My son can figure out almost any multiplication problem, but the issue is, he needs to recall them quickly. But, we may give this a shot because we’ve tried several different avenues and nothing is working yet.

    • After a bit, the students have the numbers memorized and don’t need the stories. I have used this program with at least 20 students, with great success. Kids are more motivated if they are learning, practicing and competing with another student.

  6. My daughter had a hard time learning the times table.
    So I wrote an android application to assist her 🙂

    Each exercise kids solve helps them to feed the cute panda.
    You can get daily reminders to feed the panda (solve exercises) and kids get rewarded with trophies upon goals completion.

    Using this application my daughter learned the whole times table without noticing 🙂

    * Currently the application is only for Android phones *

  7. Since Rebecca’s good intention is to help parents with their kid’s education, allow me to try to do the same. All schools and kids should know that it is possible to master all times table in three classes. Yes, unbelievable but true. In the book “Mr. President’s Handy Multiplication Table” there are three powerful multiplication techniques that enable kids to master all times table quickly and without memorization. As a teacher, parent, and citizen I even think that it is unfair to keep this information for me. Not to help spread it, is unfair to kids struggling with multiplication anxiety. Just google it and (my promise) you will not regret. I hope to have helped with this inormation.

    • Hello Ruchika!
      If you go to you will find the book “Mr. President’s Handy Multiplication Table”. When you find it, I suggest you help other kids in India by sharing the good news.

  8. My mommy bought this for me and I wasn’t intrested at first then after I saw it once I wanted to see it again and by the end multiplication was a breeze.

  9. Thank you for this review. Multiplication facts just weren’t sticking, until now. They learned the ones in the video immediately. I am shocked, but thankful. 🙂

  10. Totally agree with your assessment. Graphics are kind of lame and even a couple of the stories are counterintuitive, but it absolutely helped my solidly right-brained boy! It’s been disappointing that they didn’t do more stories for higher tables. My son wants to be part of a competition where he has to know up to 15×15. He took the current characters, created additional ones and we are almost finished creating our own stories for the upper ones! Huge deal for him. Highly recommend. And he has recall without any context because of it. That’s my favorite part.

  11. I downloaded the program for my 8 yr old Granddaughter, it was amazing. She remembered the stories better then I did. She learned her multiplication within 2 wks. So glad I purchased this.

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