I used to review curriculum, now I create it

I was NOT going to be an essential oil weirdo… until I saw what happened!

When I heard about essential oils for the first time I was totally turned off! I was reading things about energy and spiritual grounding and meditating and as a Christian, I saw them as some sort of “new age thing” to stay away from. I had a good friend who got into them and she talked about them all. the. time. I mean, “the best thing that ever happened to me,” “these changed my life,” kind of talk that you kind of can’t ignore (though I tried, I reeeeeally tried!). I put her off for nearly a year until I finally saved up the money for a starter kit and took the plunge (mostly to get her off my back if I’m being honest)

When I got my starter kit in the mail I was super intimidated. How the heck should I use these? What was safe? What were they used for? I had always dreamed of having my own herb garden and creating my own natural remedies for our family. Well now I had these herbs in condensed form at my fingertips and I felt like an oil virgin–> timid, excited, and overwhelmed. I spent a lot of time with her on the phone trying to understand them and did a TON of research. For the first 4 months or so they mostly sat on the side or diffused in the air and I watched my precious supply dwindle while I learned and researched and became acquainted with them.

Why we finally jumped in with both feet on the whole essential oils bandwagon.

It happened when we had had the essential oils for a while, I started using them and thinking of them when we actually got sick. I started making teas, rubbing them on our feet or chest. I learned what was safe to ingest in a bit of water and which oils to be more cautious with. I put myself in the essential rewards program and slowly built my inventory. And wonder of wonders… I started to see results! We got better faster, some things (like stomach aches, headaches, nausea) went away right away! Teething pain in my baby was gone, but then again, so were her swollen gums! If we made ourselves a tea with the oils when other people were sick or we had a sore throat, we avoided the illness! My son had wicked ear infections and overnight they were gone…. every. single. time. I watched these oils work time and time and time again! I started learning everything I could about the practical uses for them.

I was NOT going to be an essential oil weirdo... until I saw what happened! Click here to read more!


When my kids were sick or in pain… there was an oil that could help relieve their symptoms or make them better! My cupboard began to overflow with essential oils, my children began to ask for them! They knew which ones to use when they got a bug bite or rash and were going crazy with itching. My daughter would ask for oils to put on her ears when they got infected after she got them pierced. My son learned how to treat his own ear infections with a cotton swab and swipe of oil on the outside of his lobe. My baby would open her mouth when I came over with Copaiba because it took her teething pain away. My kids were asking for them, it didn’t matter if it tasted bad, it worked! It didn’t matter if it smelled strong, it worked! We had testimony after testimony after testimony in our own family that these oils were literally changing our lives! We stopped going to the pharmacy for things. We waited to go to the doctor because the oils fixed things faster (with no side effects!).

As a parent, I saw the success. It felt so good to finally have something safe and gentle to offer my kids. I felt like when someone had a tummy ache or a cold, I could HELP them, not just sit and wait it out! My son’s asthma improved, my husband’s snoring stopped, we used oils for cleaning, we used them for disinfecting, we used them for calming and to help get the kids (or night shift hubby) to sleep deeper and longer. We used (and do use) them for EVERYTHING. They are the go-to over and above advil, tylenol, or tums! We think of essential oils first, we learn new things each day and are loving every minute of it!

Essential oils aren’t as weird and scary as they seem.

What I quickly learned was that essential oils were not weird. They could be incredibly safe as long as you take the proper precautions (as with any treatment). They have been used much longer than traditional medicine, they used to BE the only treatment. Many of our over-the-counter medications, creams, and ointments are derived from essential oils or chemically engineered to mimic the same properties (which then causes side-effects). I essentially skip the middle man, the labs and the chemicals, and go to the source! We have had incredible results in our journey and I would love to tell you more about it or help you find an oil remedy.

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I used to review curriculum, now I create it!