I used to review curriculum, now I create it

I Suck at Homeschooling

Here’s the deal, I know you come to me for answers because I’m a homeschool blogger. Because I post pictures of our days and you think, “Clearly, she must know more than me.” Sure, I have some experience under my belt, I know the styles and the routines and the curriculum but the reality is… the biggest thing I have learned is that I suck at this. This isn’t click bait, I’m not trying to pull you in with a title and then spin it differently, I really do just have an overall track record of inconsistency, impatience, and disappointment.

I Suck at Homeschooling

I know what I want, I know what I need to do, but life is just so darn inconsiderate of my plans. Doctors appointments, sickness, work, friendship, weather, attitudes… there are so many things that effect our days that I just sometimes feel like I’m along for the ride. “Next week will be better” I tell myself convincingly. And then we have company show up or a cold ride in.

On my own, the demands of homeschooling breed anxiety and stress and impatience and frustration. I know I have told you guys about the “number 1 secret to my homeschool day“. My successful days are not because of me, they are the days I surrender my failures and flaws to God and ask Him to do what He does, to help me do better.

But today I am writing for a different reason.

You, with the unmet expectations

Today there is a mama out there thinking that everyone has it together but her. Thinking everyone is more consistent than her… and this post is for you. You sitting there with a weight of guilt and unmet expectations and hopelessness. You that feels alone and dejected and frustrated and like you are failing your kids. You who worries that your kids are behind because of your inconsistencies.

I am not here to tell you that you are perfect, nor that you should just accept it and settle because homeschooling can be SO MUCH MORE you guys! It can be fun and exciting and interactive and full of life and love and infused with JOY. I am here to tell you that there is hope. I have had those days, and they give me peace to have grace for the realities of life in between. Sure, I suck at this, sure, my kids could be further ahead, sure, I could devote everything to homeschooling… but we do what we do. I have tasted and seen and experienced what a life giving homeschool can look like and I won’t settle for less nor will I condemn myself when school looks like Netflix and cuddles on the couch.

Reach for more, accept what is

I aspire for greatness in my kids and in my homeschool journey, but sometimes my perception of greatness is the very thing that needs to change. Greatness can be listening to my 4 year old tell me that God helped her when she was feeling scared. Greatness can be playing violin with my daughter and laughing at our mistakes. Greatness can be cleaning the house together and learning to buckle up and be more responsible and contribute to the family. Greatness can be having a nap with my 8 year old when he is sick. Greatness can be the stuff in between too and learning is happening all around us.

When we stop making school something we do and instead making learning a way of our life, something that is infused into the very fabric of our days, that is when we start to experience breakthrough in our days.

So grab a cup of coffee, stop trying to impose what you think homeschooling should be and find what it IS. Don’t settle for your struggles, battle through them, but do it gently. You are never going to be perfect my friend, nor am I. Let’s learn what it means to live victoriously!

Let’s talk about it…

Comment below, share, interact: I want to hear from you guys. Who is this for today? Message me if you prefer. And if you ever have any questions about my faith, hearing God’s voice, walking in deeper relationship with Him, I’m here and I will ALWAYS make those messages a priority. Have an AWESOME homeschool day! <3 <3 <3 Love you guys!

I used to review curriculum, now I create it!