I used to review curriculum, now I create it

How I track my Children’s Sickness with my Bullet Journal

This last week me and 4 of my children got sick at once with wicked fevers and I was losing my mind trying to keep track of who had what medications. As a recent bullet journal addict, I simply set up a collection page in my planner to keep track of the children’s fevers, time of day, symptoms, and what medications I gave them. The system worked SO WELL in helping me figure out when I could give them another dose of Tylenol that I wanted to set up one to share with all of you! This simple illness tracker will help you have something concrete when you go to the doctor’s office. The first questions they ask at the hospital or doctor’s office is when it started, what their temperature has been and when they last had medication. I got to thinking how handy it would be to pass this little sheet of paper over with a clear indication of exactly what has been happening! Make sure to pin this for later!

free illness tracker to keep track of your children's fevers, symptoms and medications! This is awesome, go to the doctors office prepared! medication chart |


How we used our illness tracker.

I woke up in the middle of the night to some moans and groans from my boy’s room. Stumbling in like a blind person, I groped to find their little forms on their beds and felt their foreheads, they were HOT! I blearily took their temperature to find they were over 104 and found some Tylenol in the cupboard. When morning came around I couldn’t remember what time that had been or what their temperature was and now I had two more little girls with wicked high fevers too! So I flipped a page in my bullet journal and set up a collection page to keep track of the day. It was so successful, I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t been doing this the last 8 years! Take a look at how it worked.

My illness tracker in my bullet journal

Happy Valentines Day to us! Love the little watercolor hearts and overlay.

Grab your free illness tracker here!

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How do you keep track when the whole family get’s sick? Comment below!

I used to review curriculum, now I create it!