I used to review curriculum, now I create it

Plan With Me: Setting Up a New Month

I LOVE watching short little video’s of people setting up their weekly or monthly spreads. There is something about seeing someone draw on paper that is therapeutic and soothing. It inspires and calms at the same time, and you just can’t stop watching, you need to see the masterpiece unfold! That’s why when I was […]

How I track my Children’s Sickness with my Bullet Journal

This last week me and 4 of my children got sick at once with wicked fevers and I was losing my mind trying to keep track of who had what medications. As a recent bullet journal addict, I simply set up a collection page in my planner to keep track of the children’s fevers, time […]

How To Get It All Done and Plan Your Day

The number one question I am asked, hands down, is “how do I get it all done?” How do I blog and work and homeschool and clean my home and cook and spend time with my husband and have time to shave my legs once in a while too!?!?!?! Today I am going to show […]

How to Make your own Fauxdori for your kids with this Easy Tutorial!

Do you know what a Traveler’s Notebook is? It is the best kept secret of the planning world… a way for your to organize all your thoughts and facets of your life into ONE PLACE, in a style that suits YOU… that you can re-use year after year! Sound too good to be true? In […]

I used to review curriculum, now I create it!