I used to review curriculum, now I create it

Ode to Motherhood

Motherhood is hard, many days I find myself on my knees asking God for strength to face yet another whiny day or handle that sibling rivalry for the hundredth time. This is my somewhat humorous “Ode to Motherhood.” May it bring a smile to your face in the midst of your own stage in the journey.

Ode to Motherhood
By Rebecca Spooner

Ode to Motherhood

“Eat your cereal, stop throwing food!”
My kids just smile and think ‘mom’s in a mood’
Pushing my buttons, stretching the line
They push and they push, they cry and they whine

My mood turns serious, they know and recant
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry” they begin their rote chant
Closing my ears to their half-hearted pleas
I go to my room and get down on my knees

“God, I’m losing it, I’m blowing my top”
“Give me some patience, just help them to stop!”
I come out of my room, prepared for the worst
But my kids are sweet angels, my heart wants to burst

All day long I battle, they push till I drop
And then, only then, will they think they should stop
And just when I think that my strength is waning
God gives me some more and my kids stop complaining!

I had no idea, I had not a clue
That life as a mother could be such a zoo
A ride of emotions, a maze of the heart
And the crazy part is… this is just the start!

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Ode to Motherhood

I used to review curriculum, now I create it!