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#68 Spiritual Authority

Spiritual authority: what does that mean and what does it look like? Do you ever feel tired of praying for something and feeling like your prayers aren’t powerful? Today’s episode is my musings on spiritual authority and what I feel God has taught me about this topic. It isn’t about praying a certain way or using certain words. It isn’t a recipe or series of steps. It is about the heart of the matter, which quite frankly is a lot more complicated then I think people like to let on. We tend to veer all the way to the right believing that because we don’t experience authority that we don’t have it, let me be the first to tell you that this is a lie that the enemy wants you to believe. OR we veer all the way to the other side of authority being all about checking off the boxes and doing it right, saying it loud enough, or believing enough.

In my life I have seen prayers answered, I have seen God move, and I have seen things I have prayed and believed for NOT happen. There is a wrestling here, there is a tension. There are things that we will never fully understand but that doesn’t mean that God doesn’t move! Today’s episode is about the tension in the middle. Of learning what spiritual authority is and how we can grow in this area, both in our mind and perception of it but also in the day-to-day walking it out. It isn’t about our circumstances, it isn’t about what our eyes see, it isn’t about never having difficulties, it is about victory in the midst of the storm. Maybe it’s different than you thought it would be, but you and I do have authority… let’s walk in it!

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  1. I am absolutely loving your Godcasts! They have been such a blessing to my mornings and this definitely was not too “preachy” as you said. ? I share every one that I listen to. Please keep these up because you are truly blessing the lives of us homeschool Mama’s! May God continue to bless you and your family.

  2. Thank you Rebecca!
    God is so so good and so very faithful!
    He has been speaking to my heart about so many things, and controlling my thoughts, and my anger/ frustrations, has been on the top of the list. To speak and think scripture, rather than get angery about an issue, is a huge step for me. Thank you so much for the encouragement.

  3. Loving these God-casts. You had me saying “amen” over and over at the part where you said Grace doesn’t mean we are covered now and can just live however we want. Our church is full of that and has caused us to leave because no one is willing to dig into what the Bible is really telling us to do. I am really enjoying the Read through the Bible and look forward to what will be shared here and in the community. Wish I lived closer to one of your conferences!

  4. Absolutely love these so far! I have no doubt that I will enjoy all of these. Thank you for being so real about your struggles, I share some of the same struggles. Listening to these Godcasts has given me hope and I think God is using you in mighty ways!

  5. I absolutely love every bit of this podcast! your passion to communicate the truth accurately and Biblically is fantastic. I love how you have allowed God to do the work in your heart that enables you to flow out what He has taught you to encourage others! This is a Must listen to Podcast for Moms who need to be reminded of the power of speaking truth to your heart!

  6. THIS GODCAST WAS POWERFUL! Thank you Rebecca for sharing this. As much of this I already knew it was a very good reminder and an aid in diving deeper for me. I enjoy all your Godcasts and appreciate your obedience to Christ. Praying blessing over you and your family!

  7. So powerful! I needed to hear this. Thank you for letting God use you! Keep these Godcasts coming!!! I so appreciate all you do!!!

  8. Thank you for this. I found this podcast through a group that is doing the read through the bible together. They posted the link to this and I finally got to listen to it. I’ve been going through some struggles lately. It seems like hurdle after hurdle. I’ve always had faith in my life. Unfortunately, at times it has been stronger than others. But I’ve chosen to really focus on my faith and what that means to me during the last few months and it is really helping me through. There have been specific times when I know the Lord is speaking to me. Moments when I’m hearing or noticing exactly what I need to notice in that moment. I’ve never been able to relate to the whole God speaking to someone thing. I’m somewhat literally at times and cant imagine the booming voice of God coming down to me. I’ve noticed him a lot lately though and I totally get it. This podcast was one of those times. When I felt it was reminding me of everything I needed to remember. So much so that i may even go back and listen again to really truly let it all sink in. So. Thank you for your “long” message because it truly spoke to me! Thank you

  9. Rebecca! This was SO encouraging! (This one, this is the one I listened to on Stitcher, not the other I commented on haha). I really do want to download this to my phone and listen to it every day. God is good and faithful. ?

  10. This has come at time where my heart truly needs this. A starting point, with direction and a plan. A need for the understanding of God’s word. I cannot express how much I enjoy your podcasts and your homeschool talks. I’ve started at the oldest podcast you have on iTunes, and I’m just so amazed and relieved that you can explain so many of our difficulties and make sense of them. Thank you for your dedication.

  11. This spoke directly to my heart. Thank you for your obedience to the lord in speaking truth. I am excited to listen to more of your podcasts!!! I just started homeschooling too and bought GRH!!!!

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I used to review curriculum, now I create it!