I used to review curriculum, now I create it

#47 Brave Writer in a Nutshell

Brave Writer is so much more than just a homeschool language arts curriculum, it is a way of life! I’ll never forget the day we stumbled upon one of Julie’s videos. Her words resonated with me deeply, her approach seemed so unique, could it really be that simple? Could I really teach my children the art of communication without blanks to fill and workbooks to do?

My journey with Brave Writer has been ever-changing. I started out with just the Writer’s Jungle and now I am passionate about helping families learn how to adapt the program to work for all their children together.

One read aloud, one approach, multiple grades.

My tagline for this little movement of ours is, “What if Language Arts could be a family thing?”

I was tired of teaching 5 different spelling curricula, 5 different vocabulary curricula, 5 different writing programs, 5 different math programs, etc. And so my Brave Writer companion live course was born! I knew this course would help other people understand Brave Writer, what I didn’t expect was my own families reaction. My kids LOVE the motivation of performing for other kids, they love sharing their pictures and little videos. They love knowing they are part of a group, not just doing this on their own.

Understanding Brave Writer

Today’s podcast episode is all about Brave Writer: the curriculum, the approach, the lifestyle, the results. I share my Brave Writer story, I talk about how to shop and what to look for as well as explain what my course is all about.

I hope it gives you some direction, I hope it inspires you and gives you the courage to maybe step out into something new.

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Brave Writer in a Nutshell

I used to review curriculum, now I create it!