I used to review curriculum, now I create it

#48 The Problem with Homeschooling

The problem with Homeschooling
Homeschooling is so much harder than I ever imagined it could be. Nothing could have prepared me for the amount of stretching and pressing that would occur in this homeschool environment. It is both the most challenging and most rewarding experience of my life–a wild ride.

In my line of work I get a TON of emails from people looking for answers: for their curriculum, for their routine, for their kids, etc. Through the years I have identified what I think is the root of some of this feeling of complete overwhelm and that is the topic of today’s podcast episode. The problem with homeschooling is that it brings you to the brink of who you are and forces you to grow and change and adapt. It requires all of you and sometimes you feel like a shipwreck survivor, spit up on the banks of life gasping for breath.

Today’s episode is for you: any homeschooler who has felt like they are drowning. I share some practical tips to help you get back into the boat and what kind of lifesavers are worth grabbing hold of. May it inspire you, encourage you, and motivate you to rise up and homeschool on.

Links mentioned in “The problem with Homeschooling.”

Total Time Makeover for KidsTotal Time Makeover for kids: Total Time Makeover is a one-month self-paced online course for kids of all ages. It will discuss the importance of time management, identifying time wasters, various time management skills and strategies, creating realistic goals and vision casting, as well as day-to-day planning. Children will learn how to make their own planners using a simple notebook you can snag at the dollar store or a local office supply store. They will learn how to create reward systems and set their own consequences for their actions (ie. natural consequence of not being able to play with friends if they don’t get their school work done) to help them take ownership of their time and their school to help them be more successful and independent.

Lessons are delivered via a daily video with a printable PDF worksheet for them to brainstorm and take notes while they watch (available in the online course platform). There will also be challenges and motivation emailed daily. This course is designed to help youth be more aware and efficient with their time and equip them with the strategies and skills they need to be self-motivated and purposeful.

Start a Blog for KidsStart a Blog/YouTube for Kids: Has your child ever asked you to start a blog or a YouTube channel but you didn’t know where to start or if it was safe? Blogging is an amazing way to learn simple coding, computer skills, improve their writing, and zero in on their interests. In this course, children of all ages (recommended for ages 9+) will learn how to set up a free blog, basic coding skills, graphic design, how to organize a blog post and write good articles (hello Language Arts!), blogging safety (privacy and dealing with spam), copyright, and even how to start a YouTube channel! They will learn how to make a private blog as well as a public one and can discuss with you whether or not you feel comfortable with it being live.

*PARENT BONUS: This course also features a private video for parents to discuss safety and risks associated with YouTube, Social media, and blogging for kids to help you decide whether you want it to be private or public and what rules you want to set in place.

This 1 month mini course is delivered online and has daily videos, emails, and online lessons that they can log in to and work at their own pace. They will need access to a computer for the course and ideally a phone to take pictures or videos and upload to their blog or channel. There are no other costs associated with the course and it will cover basic language arts such as using good vocabulary, how to make your writing more interesting, organizing paragraphs, coming up with a thesis statement (aka topic), as well as computer skills!

*KID BONUS: There is a private Facebook group for kids (they can use your account if they do not have their own) to ask questions, get ideas and support from other kids in the course, and more!

I used to review curriculum, now I create it!