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When Your Curriculum Isn’t Working…

Curriculum problems are a real thing. The kind of thing that drives you batty and makes you want to give up homeschooling all together. If you curriculum isn’t working then likely your kids aren’t enjoying homeschooling, you aren’t enjoying homeschooling and it may all stem from one simple change. Before we even begin today’s episode, let’s just address the elephant in the room: THERE IS NO PERFECT CURRICULUM (yes, I’m yelling). Fer shizzle you guys, nothing is going to work perfectly for evry person in your family in every season at all times. Have another sip of coffee and I’ll tell you the good news.

The good news is that curriculum is also more important than most people realize.

I talk to so many homeschoolers who believe that really all curriculum is the same and you just have to choose something and stick with it. But that is just frankly not true. I have tried at least half of the curriculum that is out there and I can tell you that some works WAY better for our family than others. Making a change in your curriculum choices can have a MASSIVE impact on your homeschool day. It can decrease whining, it can speak life and joy and interest into your child, it can be something you look forward to opening up each day instead of dread.

There. Is. Hope.

When Your Curriculum Isn't Working: Curriculum problems

In today’s episode we’re getting practical. I’m going to tell you my personal rule of thumb for how long you should try a curriculum before ditching it. I’m going to share how you can tweak and change things to fit better with your homeschool. We’re going to identify how you even know it’s time to let go and what that looks like, PLUS I share a solution that will walk you through making a decision that will work! Ready? It’s going to be epic, grab yourself a pen and paper, find a quiet spot and let’s dive in!

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When Your Curriculum Isn't Working (curriculum problems)


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