I used to review curriculum, now I create it

Why We are Using the Good and the Beautiful

*Update: after consideration and reflection and prayer, I have decided to not continue with The Good and the Beautiful for our family. There has been a lot of personal attacks directed at me over this decision and the reasons behind this decision. I will leave this post up to help give a review of the content but if you would like to know the reasons behind my decision, you can read the full post here.


  1. I have been eyeing this curriculum and love that you are reviewing it! I would love Level 2 Language Arts and have been eyeing the History Curriculum as well!

  2. I would love to win Level 3!

    I am so excited to read your reviews on this. We downloaded a Science unit that was free and so far have really enjoyed it! Wanted to scrap everything we were working on and order all of her curriculum! Lol

  3. Wow! What an awesome opportunity to try out new curriculum! I would choose level 1! Thanks for all you do Rebecca.

  4. Such an awesome giveaway!! I was looking to use handwriting and typing this summer! We’ll be using either level 1 or 2 this coming Fall?

  5. I have been homeschooling for eight years now and have designed my curriculum each year with all sorts of random bits. It has been stressful and expensive. This curriculum looks amazing and I would love to simplify and move to one curriculum. My oldest are now graduated and I have three still in homeschool. Grade 2/K/preK . What a truly beautiful curriculum. What a blessing it would be to win this. Thank you for the opportunity to win. Blessings

  6. I would love to have any of the levels! From pre K all the way up to level 5, I could use any of them! ?
    I have been using this curriculum for a few months now and it has changed our entire Homeschool day! I feel like it’s what I’ve been searching for but never really knew existed!
    It truly is Good and Beautiful!!

  7. I started using TG&TB last year with my 4th grader. We zoomed through level 3 and are on to level 4. He has never been so happy to do his work since homeschooling in 2nd grade. I wish the math would be available for him as we are all in using science and history as well.
    Would love level K for my younger son!!

  8. We have started TGTB LA with my 8 year old and 4 year old. I also got the Human Body unit and History 1 to start too. I want to get the handwriting books. I would want Level 2 to start with my 8 year old next!

  9. I would absolutely love for my 8 year old to try this! It looks so well done! Thanks for sharing your journey with us.

  10. We would begin with level 3 – this truly seems like some amazing curriculum. My daughter and I looked over the website together and the various items and it looks like school could be fun again!

  11. I have been SO anxious to get Language Arts level 4 ever since I discovered it about a month ago. I absolutely love the artwork in it and especially love the idea of fitting 7 subjects into one program.

  12. I have been SEARCHING for a LA program to fit our family. So far nothing we have tried has been a fit. This looks amazing!I would LOVE to try level 1.

  13. I don’t know how I would choose! They all look amazing. I would probably get K and then buy a level one for my son!

  14. I have loved all your curriculum reviews and then I started ogling “The Good and the Beautiful.” I’m so excited to see you review it and can’t wait to see your videos! I’m going to have two preschoolers and would love to win the pre k language arts level as well as level 1 of typing and handwriting!

  15. would love to try level 4!! been on the hunt for new curriculum havent been able to find one i really like and this one definitely looks promising!!!

  16. My 3rd child will be starting school in the fall and I’d love to use the Pre K Primer with her. My older two may want to switch when they see what she’s doing. ?

  17. We have been using the Language Arts for a while and now have history and some science on the way. This has definitely been my favorite curriculum by far, and is a wonderful fit for our family.

  18. I just found out about this a few weeks ago! Thank you Rebecca! I would love to win level 1 or level 3 or level 7 languages arts curriculum! It looks amazing!

  19. Level 2 !! Such a great giveaway! The levels 1-5 LA are free to download, but to get all three offers in print is such a great thing!

  20. I think level K would be perfect for my son! He strives to be a fluent reader like his older sister, and I believe this curriculum could get him there.

  21. This looks like a great curriculum! I’m really interested in language arts 2 or 5! I love how there is so much in just one book!

  22. I’d love to get level 3!!
    I’m happy to see you do a post on the curriculum! We just started it about 7 weeks ago (LA and History) and we are loving it as well!! My kid’s reading hasn’t improved so much!! (Even my reluctant reader)

  23. I’d love to try level 2 for my daughter. We have been looking at this curriculum for a few weeks and I think we are going to give it a go!

  24. We’d LOVE Level 3 ….. since it was so expensive to ship to Canada – and with the exchange rate – so we downloaded the pdf and had it printed. It would have cost $150 for colour so just got the black and white for $36. Would so love to be able to afford ordering all the books – they look so nice in your photos!

  25. We started the PreK level with our 4 year old in much the same spirit you are doing it with yours. It is a sweet curriculum. I would be torn between choosing the K level for him to grow into of Level 1 for our grade 2 twins who right now are doing a blend of Sonlight 1st grade, all about reading, explode the code and a reason for handwriting. It would be so nice to combine all those things into one. QUESTION: are you incorporating Brave Writer and grammar galaxy into this or have you dropped them?

  26. I used Pre-K this year which we loved, and am using levels 1 and 3 with two of my children. I would love to have them in hard copy instead of printing. So I would pick level 4 for next year.

  27. I have been eyeing this curriculum for a little while now, and have discussed it with friends. Thank you so much for doing a review on it! I would choose Level 3.

  28. I would like to use Level 2 of LA 🙂 I would love to have the Nature journal and creative writing journal sometime as well.

  29. We’ve looking into something different for next year and have been looking at this curriculum. We’ll be looking in Level 1 🙂

  30. I would be so grateful!! I am looking at purchasing levels 2, 1 and kindergarten primer. I would love to win level 2.

  31. Thank you for being so generous! We would love to receive Level 1 for my son who will be in First grade next school year. #homeschoolisacalling

  32. I have decided to homeschool my children this next school year and am highly considering TGTB for many things. It would be so incredible to win the LA program! I would need Level 4 and Handwriting 6. Thanks so much for the opportunity!!

  33. I would love to receive the level 1. Being from Canada this would be an awesome win. With the exchange and shipping it’s out of my budget! I would love love this

  34. I am beyond excited about this new curriculum! I am searching for something for my son who will be starting Kindergarten next year! This seems like it would be a wonderful fit for him! We would love to win this giveaway! Thank you HomeschoolOn and The Good and the Beautiful for this opportunity for all!

  35. I think I’d want Level 1, but I could possibly want the K. I’m wrapping up our current K curriculum that I do not like and we’re doing TGTB K to get ready for TGTB 1st.

  36. This was our first year homeschooling (10, 8, and 5). I have learned SOOOOOOO much from your blog about how they learn and what approach I want to take next year. A friend JUST introduced me to this curriculum last week, and it seems like such a good fit. I look forward to your videos and such about it.

  37. I would love to have level 2! We are going to be using this next year and most likely would need two levels to get gaps covered while still challenging! Not having to purchase both would be such a blessing!

  38. Man, this looks amazing! My friend and I have been checking it out and looking for reviews. I would either get Level 1 or Level 6. I have both!

  39. I would loooooove to win Level 1! We have purchased a few of the level K materials and everything is so beautiful! Thanks for the opportunity ❤️

  40. We LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE TGATB!!! We would definitely go with the Kindergarten curriculum for our son. He is currently using the Pre-K (I am about to order him the primer Level) and our daughter is using the Level 1. They’re both in school and we do these when they’re home with us. I so wish I could homeschool them full-time, but for now, I am so thankful for the affordability of this curriculum so that I can still supplement their education with the good and the beautiful.

  41. I haven’t won a giveaway in my entire life and this one would be the one to win! 🙂 we already use this curriculum and would love to win either level 2 or level 4!! Love the Good and the Beautiful!!!

  42. I would love level 4, or level 3. I have 2 boys and these are the levels we will need this coming school year. I love The Good And the Beautiful, it’s just lovely!

  43. I would choose Level 1 for my son. And thank you so much for taking the time to give us such great feedback on The Good and The Beautiful!

  44. We just started Level 1 with my daughter and we are so impressed by this curriculum! If I win, I will choose Level 2, because we will definitely continue using The Good and The Beautiful!

  45. Question. I’ve seen you post a lot about how much you love Brave Writer and Math Lessons for a Living Education. Are you now using this instead of those or in addition to them? Can you tell me your thoughts in comparison? Also, for LA, does this use American English? I know you’re from Canada, so I was just curious. Thanks!

  46. Thank you for sharing your story! We are just starting to homeschool our oldest, so we would use the Kindergarten curriculum this fall. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to research and find the “right” curriculum for my kids. Honest reviews like yours make the search a lot less stressful!

  47. I would go for Level K or Levels 2,3,&4 (4 kiddos here!). We LOVE TGTB! It has made such a huge difference in our school day!

  48. I would choose level K for my 5 year old. We are using the pre-k right now and love it. I feel so blessed that this program is an option at the beginning of my homeschooling journey!

  49. We currently use the Language Arts for Kindergarten so I would love to win level 1! We have struggled as well getting settled into a routine. I have lofty homeschool dreams but this has been so much easier for him and my sanity! 🙂 I can’t wait for the math curriculum to come out!

  50. I have, like others, been eyeing this curriculum and I would start with level 1. I’m also interested in the history and science curriculum.

  51. I would get the level 1. We have been using this curriculum and LOVE IT! It’s so easy to follow and teaches the kids great values!

  52. Hi! I love The Good and the Beautiful! I will be looking to use level 7 and High School 1 for next year. Thank you for reviewing TGTB and giving us a chance to win a level.

  53. We’re currently using LA level 6, Typing 1, and Handwriting level 5. We love it, and I’d love to win LA level 7, Typing 2, and Handwriting level 6.

  54. I am planning on purchasing level one for our curriculum this fall…it would be such a blessing to be able to win it! So I would get level 1.

  55. I would LOVE Level 2! I cannot believe how awesome the Language Arts program looks! I am seriously considering changing our curriculum mid-year!

  56. KINDERGARTEN!!! My favorite year to teach!!!! I love the pride in their eyes when they learn to read. I haven’t tried this curriculum for a beginner… I WOULD LOVE TO!!! How nice of y’all to offer!!

  57. I’d love to start with pre k or level 4. I’ve been looking for something different for my 4th grader and something to start my 3 year old with.

  58. We use the Good and the Beautiful with our currently homeschooling 3rd grader and love it! We use the handwriting and human body science as well. If we won, we would choose level one or two for our 1st grader who will begin homeschooling next year. We also plan to begin their history unit next year. Love your review!

  59. I would love to get Level 6 in the Language Arts! Thank you so much for doing this giveaway! What a wonderful blessing to whomever wins <3

  60. We have been using this curriculum this year. We are really enjoying it and I would order the next level for one of my kids if we won.

  61. I’m currently doing pre-k, level 1, 4, 5, and 7. I would love to win and get any of the next levels my kids will be going into. This is the best LA program I have ever found in my 12 years of homeschooling.

  62. Hi I would like ether level 1 or level 4. I have two boys would be great to have both but would love to try one and in the future I can buy the Other level is need. Thank you so much

  63. I would love High School or High School Honors courses, but if the course has to be available now, I would like LEVEL 5. This is an awesome Give-A-Way.

  64. I have definitely been eyeing this curriculum and coming back to it. I think it might be a great fit for us. I think we would use level 2.

  65. We just started using this for our 4 school age kids and our preschooler will use it next year. We are currently using Level K, 1, and 3 and would love to get Level 4 through this giveaway!

  66. We are using The Good & The Beautiful for the first time this year and we LOVE it! We will absolutely using again next year. We’d LOVE to get the Level 2 curriculum!

  67. Were are thriving with the Good and the Beautiful language arts! My oldest is finishing level 5 starting 6.
    So I’d love to win 7 for my big boy, or K for my little one. ??

  68. We would love the pre-k course! My son is 4 and I’ve struggled to find a curriculum I love. I’ve had had my eye on this one for a while now!

  69. I decided to purchase part of the kindergarten program for my daughter. She love it so much, a week later we decided to buy the prep Kindergarten for my son!

  70. I have fallen in love with the whole range of this curriculum from what I’ve seen & read so far. I’d probably choose level 2 (with level 1 a VERY close second).

  71. Level 4! I already have planned to switch over to TGTB next year but haven’t purchased anything yet so this would be amazing! Thank you! ☺️

  72. I think I would pick level Pre-K, for my youngest daughter, but I plan on looking to see what level my oldest son would be in.

  73. We’ve been using this program since las year and it has made all the difference in my experience as a homeshool mom and my girls’ perspective on learning! I would be interested in level 6!

  74. We just started using TGTB this year. I actually switched midyear because what we were doing just wasn’t working. I have tried so many things but now the TGTB will be our go to for LA, History and Science! Thank you Jenny Phillips for helping make the learning easy and enjoyable!

  75. This is our first year homeschooling and we are loving TGTB! Thank you for hosting this awesome giveaway and I look forward to checking out more of your blog!

  76. I love this amazing, thorough, yet simple to use curriculum. I love how gentle it is, while still being challenging and engaging. I will need Level 6 and Honors High School 1 for the next school year.

  77. We started using the LA kindergarten program last month and have loved it! I have seen such a huge difference already. I would love level 1 because that is the next one we need 🙂

  78. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on the curriculum! I have been pouring over reviews of The Good and the Beautiful and have decided it’s the direction we are going to take next year.

  79. I would pick Level K for my five year old! I just recently found The Good & The Beautiful curriculum and I’m in love. I can’t wait to use it!

  80. I love this curriculum. We tried MFW, timberdoodle, and sonlight but this one has been everything we are looking for. We have history 1, pre-k, level 1, typing, and two levels of handwriting. Next time I’m getting science too! If I won I’d pick level 2 in LA!

    • This looks like a great program and your enthusiasm for the good and the beautiful makes me want to try it! I would start with level 1!

  81. I was piecing curriculums together before finding TG&TB. I was ready to give up on homeschooling because I just couldn’t figure out how to stay ahead of things. Then TG&TB came along and saved my day. I have loved every aspect of this curriculum and it has made all of us happier and better.

  82. I love this curriculum so much! For years, I have been searching for a perfect Language Arts curriculum… I have finally found it! (Thanks to you!)

  83. I love The Good and The Beautiful. It’s brought such peace and joy to our homeschool. I would choose level 7 because we’ll be needing that soon.

  84. I have just started using this with my oldest. I am very excited to use this with my other two as well. I would love level 3.

  85. I’ve looked at this curriculum several times. It looks great! I would need practically every level since I have 6 kids… but I would likely start with level 1 to get started correctly.

  86. I would choose level 1 ( want to do level 1 and prek next year). We’ve been wanting to try this ever since we found it. It was be a huge blessing for our family especially since funds are really right budget wise. It provide us an amazing opportunity for our family (and would be able to pass down for my younger kiddo too)! Thank you so much for this opportunity as well as sharing your experience with the curricUlum

  87. Does History Level 1 count? haha I’m loving the LA Level K Primer and already purchased Level K, so we are onto Level 1.

  88. We’ll be doing level 3 once we finish our current LA program this year! I’m looking forward to trying the science units too 😀

  89. I’ve been contemplating this curriculum for a long time! I’d either get my daughter level one, or my sons level 6!

  90. I have Level K printed out and should be ready to start with it this spring/summer. I can’t wait. So, I would get the Level 1.

  91. I Love TG&TB. Would love to win LA (Pre K, Level 2 or Level 4), Typing (level 2), Handwriting (level 4 or 6). I use the history, nature notebooks, creative writing books and love her book list. But of course our favourite is the LA.

  92. Awesome giveaway! This program has been on my radar for a while. It’s great to read your thoughts on it. Thanks!

  93. We are using it so far and love it! But, we need level 6, 3, and 1 for next year, so I’d love to win Level 6! Are you still using Spelling You See, or just using TGTB spelling?

  94. LOVE THIS CURRICULUM!!!! I use it for everything except math, but my 4-year-old will probably use it for math in the future!

  95. I ADORE this curriculum! I would be torn between prek, 2nd,and 5th. I’m so looking forward to their high school levels and math.

  96. We started Language Arts level 7 and History Year 1 last month and we love it! I would love to have the High School 1 curriculum when it comes out in June 2018. I have tried many curriculums, but this is the first that my kids say they feel like they are actually learning new things every day.

  97. We finished Pre-K and both my son and I loved it! We just started K-Primer and like you I want to cement the foundations. I would love to win the Level 1 as this summer we hope to get to K and then start the Level 1.

  98. I would like to win level 1 (1st grade). My daughter is in traditional Kindergarden. But I am going to homeachool her this fall. As a single mom any help with curriculum would be a blessing! 🙂

  99. What a great review! That is how I feel about it too. I have loved everything that I have tried. For so many years I tried to make this, not knowing exactly how to do it. I was almost ready to give up homeschooling thinking that it was too hard and too much work to do it all. This curriculum has helped me so much.

  100. Level K! We are using K Primer right now with my 5 year old and we LOVE it, can’t wait until her siblings are old enough to do this curriculum too!

  101. This is so AWESOME!! I would love Level 5. TGTB is what I’ve been hoping and praying for and fits exactly with our values and beliefs. I can’t even explain how perfect it is for my children! Thank you for doing this wonderful giveaway!

  102. My daughter is just about to start Level 1 after finishing K and I plan to start my son on PreK in the fall. If I won I’d pick one of those up.

  103. I also have 5 children and we have started using The Good and the Beautiful this year. I am really loving it. I want to buy a lot right now, but can’t afford it all at once. I am buying it little by little. I would love level 5 of the Literature or if you are giving away any History we would love Year 2,3,or 4.

  104. We love the good and the beautiful! I only wish I found it when we started homeschooling three years ago! We have used the Language Arts as well as the History. I am looking forward to trying the science next year. We would love level 6!

  105. I just recently discovered this curriculum and I’m so excited to start using it. I think it will be a great fit for our family. I would choose either Kindergarten or Level 6.

  106. We would like Level 4! The Good and The Beautiful is an amazing, beautiful curriculum! It makes homeschooling so stress-free! 🙂

  107. I looked into this curriculum after seeing a bunch of your posts on Instagram this fall and we love it too! My kids are currently working on levels 1 and 2 so I’d like level 3, if I won. Either way, thanks for introducing our family to this amazing curriculum!

  108. I have never heard of this curriculum, but after your post/review, I am excited to try it out. If I had to choose, I’d like to try level 4. Thank you!

  109. I am so much wanting to do this next year with my daughter, she is 4th grade now. My son is going into 9th grade, so they don’t have nothing yet for him, but I am watching for something when it comes out.

  110. I would love to start with Level 1!

    I’ve been hearing about this curriculum and was so pleasantly surprised to see this today!!

  111. OH I would love to get Level 2! 🙂 We are just starting out on our journey and I would love to inspire learning in my son!

  112. Thank you for writing this review! I have been drooling over The Good and The Beautiful LA Levels 1 & 2 and have have been praying about a way to afford it. I know that even if I don’t win this, God will provide a way. I identify so much with your descriptions of having to adapt to the learning styles of your children. I have five kids as well, and though I am a few years in, I’m still struggling to find what works for us. What I’ve researched in TG&TB looks like it could be just the right kind of structure for us. So here’s to hoping! I would choose Level 2!

  113. I have heard wonderful things about this curriculum! I would get level One or level k. Love to try the preschool also.