I used to review curriculum, now I create it

#43 Why Homeschooling is Worth It

Homeschooling is one of the most challenging journeys I have ever embarked upon. I have been tested and stretched and pulled and tried beyond what I thought I could handle. I have learned that many of my perceived limits only exist in my mind. I have grown as a person.

In the midst of the chaos, overwhelm and monotony of the every day it is easy to miss the moments. The treasures that are a glimmer of color and sparkle in the trenches: my 5 year olds giggle, the adorable little girl sound of my 6 year old’s voice, snuggling with my 9 year old while he finally sounds out a word and grins in triumph.

I am no different than any other homeschool mom out there, I have my hard days. But the good days make it all worth it. They remind me why I am doing this and keep me going. Today’s episode starts off with an interview with my 6 year old. She shares some of her thoughts on homeschooling, what it means, a typical day, even her thoughts on socialization. I finish off with my thoughts on why we are doing this and some of the homeschool benefits I have seen along the way.

Homeschool benefits

Homeschooling is worth it

10 Amazing Homeschool Benefits

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#1 7:30- The Moments (I’m selfish and don’t want to miss anything)
#2 8:40- I dreamed of this (My homeschool story, why I homeschool)
#3 14:00- Relationships with my kids
#4 14:30- Success/creativity (who I am today is because I was homeschooled)
#5 15:00- I don’t have to teach my child in a box (arbitrary line of “normal”)
#6 16:30- Values/morals
#7 17:00- Education is more than facts
#8 19:00- Experience of education (it’s not about grades)
#9 21:00- I hate learning outcomes/report cards
#10 24:00- Protect their innocence

Links mentioned in today’s episode

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What homeschool benefits do you find?

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10 homeschool benefits: homeschooling is HARD but it is so worth it! It is worth the time, it is worth the frustration, it is worth the struggle. One day your kids will thank you! Listen to what my 6 year old thinks about homeschooling and some real examples of how worthy this is. Persevere my friend! Listen to the full episode and keep on keeping on! #homeschool #homeschooling

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  1. The. Sweetest. Interview. Ever.
    I want to interview my kids! Maybe I will and we can do an annual chat so I can reminisce after they graduate ?

  2. Absolutely heartwarming! I loved this and I related to everything. It brought happy tears to my eyes. I loved it so much I made my husband listen!

  3. I needed this podcast today,
    surrounded by people telling me they have to go to school.
    people telling me “the only reason shes nervous to go to school is because you’re nervous to send her” darn right I’m nervous to send her. for all the reasons you said. I’d miss out on her laugh who she is as a person , she’d be a people pleaser , she’d be too afraid to disrupt the class if she didn’t know something.

    I know she’s smart enough for school (I know she’s going to be smarter than me; and that’s ok) But we have a bound , we have an understanding of how we learn and where our boundaries are. Who knows this child better? me or a teacher with 20+ other students who need to learn?

    Right now we are just doing delayed kindergarten (she is only 4 and her sister 2); because honestly it’s easier than having the homeschool discussion with every noisy nelly.

  4. This is exactly what I have been dreaming of and I’m really wanting to implement this type of schooling this next year. Keep talking about it on here… it helps to think through it for me. Thanks for being honest!

  5. Homeschooling is an amazing way to gain more knowledge in the usual conditions. A lot of students are much more productive, so I think now is the perfect time for people to overthink the system of education. However, some subjects such as natural sciences can be challenging for many people. That is why I recommend checking this resource that offers samples for students who are looking for inspiration and motivation. I hope that most educational institutions will implement the system of homeschooling starting from this year.

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I used to review curriculum, now I create it!