I used to review curriculum, now I create it

#66 New Direction

Today I talked about everything, just processing all the changes, all the things I think God is calling me into for this blog, podcast, page, group, etc. and where that all came from. I talk about my testimony, I share my heart for why worldview matters, I talked about my speaking schedule, the plan for our Godcast on Wednesdays, some concerns I have had in the homeschool community, so much it is hard to just put it all into an eloquent little introduction. It is one of those podcast episodes you just are going to have to listen to.

I do have plans to do a more targeted blog post about some of these things, but I can tell you that everything I do from now on is going to be intentional and with purpose and prayer. I don’t want to do anything for random motivation, I want it all to be Him. So gear up and strap in, I think it’s going to be a wild next few months!

Links mentioned today

One more change that I hope to bring soon is to have a listening guide that you can use to help you skip forward to various sections or powerful moments if you don’t have a lot of time, as well as a place to just take notes and process whatever God might be leading you into. So stay tuned for that!

Speaking Schedule
My curriculum
Keep Calm and Homeschool On Facebook Group
To the Christian Considering the Good and the Beautiful
My announcement video of the changes and who I am
If you wanted more info on the Nature Anatomy series, I don’t want to link to her, but you can find her on Instagram, @juliarothman. Of course, as with anything, don’t jump on a bandwagon I’m not starting! 😉 Pray about it and make your own decisions <3


  1. I saw the post in the facebook group that you were referring to and I am relieved with the changes you’ve made! I just found your podcast a few months ago and I go back and listen to the ones about God and homeschool encouragement, those are my favorite! When I joined the FB group, I was disappointed that it wasn’t centered on the podcast, so I am looking forward to the new conversations in the group!

  2. I am so excited about the new changes you are making! The Godcasts you have posted are my favorite. I am new to the home school world, and I am so grateful to have found your podcast, and take this wild ride with you.

  3. I’ love you’r heart and courage. Iwe do gather round. I am interested in how you feel about kids surfing the web for research. So much garbage on the web and it makes me nervous. Do you have recommendations for this to be safe while doing the gather round curriculum.

  4. Rebecca, thank you so much for always taking a stand for Christ! I am so happy that God has blessed the world with your heart for Him and the wonderful resources that He blesses your hands to create!

  5. Thank you for your words Rebecca!
    God has called me to a ministry within a very reactionary autism community! As special needs parents we’ve been fighting for our children so long that fighting is our natural reaction to anything new. I’d say most of my followers on my youtube channel or comments on facebook chats are not christian. I didn’t directly challenge them to adopt this belief but I shared how in my struggle of exhaustion I had realigned my perspective realizing more clearly the suffering of others. Specifically, women in Africa with incontinence from horrible child birth experiences who are ostracized by everyone they know, could get up day after day in their situation so could I. The blow back was startling and panicked a bit that I had slammed the door God had opened for me. Do I think I spoke wrong? No, but I think I could have worded what I typed better and did in later comments. I think it’s easy when your tired and exhausted and isolated by homeschool or special needs to have your issues balloon and forget that you are still blessed. Thanks for reminding me that taking a stand isn’t going to be easy or without some bumps along the way. Hugs. Jayme from youtubes- Homeschool; Autism; Life

    • Can you send me a note regarding the Usborne puberty books. My husband and I were looking for books regarding this issue for our autistic son. Thank you for your time in this matter. Jayme

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I used to review curriculum, now I create it!