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The Homeschool Style Quiz

What is your homeschool style? Your homeschool style is how you naturally approach homeschooling. There are 6 main styles: Traditional, Classical, Charlotte Mason, Unit Studies, Unschooling, and Eclectic. I have put together a really simple true and false quiz to help you discern your homeschool style. There are 45 questions that you can either hit true or false for. The key for this quiz to be accurate is that you cannot choose what you want to be but rather what you are. Once you know how you approach homeschooling, you can learn more about the homeschool styles and tweak your approach to be more of what you want. A quiz like this helps us take the time to analyze what is working and what isn’t. We get to think about our values and goals and if our approach is facilitating that or working against it. So grab yourself a cup of coffee or tea, and let’s get started (don’t forget to share your homeschool style results below!)

Homeschool Style Quiz

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Take the Homeschool Style Quiz!

Before you start, remember that you need to answer as you actually are and then we can read the styles below to figure out what you want to be. Also, the fact that you are here, reading this post, means that you want to understand your family better and I am so proud of you! We don’t have a lot of time as homeschool moms, life is busy, so when we do take the time to dig a little deeper, to try something new, it shows your commitment to your family and speaks volumes. Just the fact that you care enough to always be learning and growing testifies to you as a homeschool parent, keep on keeping on mama (or dad who may have stumbled here)!

Let’s Get to Know Your Homeschool Style Better!

In an effort to make this easier to navigate, I am going to link each style below to a separate page ALL about that style. So choose your style below, it will open in a new window so you can come back here to find out how we can change and tweak our styles. Did you get very mixed results? In that case, choose the eclectic link below!

Charlotte Mason Style
Traditional Style
Classical Style
Unit Study Style
Unschooling Style
Eclectic Style

What if I want to change my homeschool style?

What many people do not realize is that your homeschool style may change throughout our homeschool journey. You may be one style of homeschooler naturally but come to fall in love with the values of another style as I have. When that happens, you have the ability to change your entire approach to homeschooling, to stretch yourself outside of what is comfortable to you, and to explore learning another way. For example, I was a traditional homeschooler. That is how I was homeschooled and how I found joy in homeschooling. I am type-A, driven, I like to check off the boxes and see progress in my children. I love workbooks and wanted my kids to do their work independently while I did some teaching with them all in their little school desks. I had visions of playing school with my children and yet through the years, my natural tendencies have been waging war with my heart. In my heart, I want to do something different. I have come to appreciate the values of both Unschooling and the Charlotte Mason style and have found myself choosing to change for the sake of my children, and the sake of myself!

It is not an easy thing, changing what comes naturally to us! But I don’t want to go through my homeschool journey doing what came easily, I want to go through it with memories, relationship, exposing them to life, letting them own learning and be a part of the process, and instilling our values along the way!

So no matter what your homeschool style IS right now, no matter what your results were, take the time to read through all the different styles above. Find what resonates with your goals, your mission statement, and CHOOSE which style you want to be! And if you are looking for a support group to ask questions, share glimpses of your day, or just make some new friends… come join the Facebook Group Keep Calm and Homeschool On! They are an amazing group of women and I know you’ll find a safe place to walk your homeschool journey with other mom’s who are trying to do their best just like you!

Enjoyed this quiz? Take the Learning Style quiz and let’s keep going!

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What is your homeschool style?


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      • There is no hyperlink or obvious quiz showing up on my device. Safari I would love to take the test. Any suggestions?

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  1. Hallo! I just read this article today. I am very confused about how I should teach this year. I love the charlotte mason style, what I can understand of it, but my oldest daughter is a hands on learner with ADHD and I feel a lot of preasure to make sure our kids will not fall behind, wich I feel is taking the joy out of our homeschool, yet I dont have a lot of time to teach them, since we have 5 kids ages 1-10 and live on a homestead. Also I really dislike hands on teaching (I cant seem to come up with any good ideas). It’s all a bit confusing right now, but hopefully I’ll be able to figure it out soon.

  2. First year homeschooling 3 kids….. using Simply Charlotte Mason material, says I’m Classical Style, probably where a lot of the struggle is at!

  3. It pegged me pretty well (Charlotte Mason) though every other questions I wanted to answer “Yes and No” or “Depends”….

    Q:I believe in child-led learning (letting my children dictate what they want to learn about)….

    I think school should involve a balance between child-led and teacher/parent led learning.

    Q:I am an out-of-the-box thinker, a doer!

    I am an out-of-the-box thinker…but that doesn’t often lead to doing (1 million ideas…two or three acted on).

    Q:I want everything laid out for me with steps and daily lessons to follow

    Depends on the subject. I want to play with the history lessons, but I want someone to tell me exactly what to say/do/practice when teaching math.


  4. I am an unschooler according to this quiz. I think it’s right on – that fits my personality. I just want to make sure my style works for my little. I only have one now and she is 3, so I still have time to research and learn about homeschooling. But I am happy I found this resource.

  5. I had always though I was more aligned to Wladorf philosophies and have tried to piece together our own curriculum around it. This, and another similar quiz both indicate Charlotte Mason style. I have come across a charter school that will pay for a secular curriculum. I know some parents have used BookShark, k12 or Calvert through them. Is there a boxed set that has a good blend of Waldorf and Mason styles of learning and teaching?

  6. This says I’m a Traditional Homeschooler which makes sense. The problem I’m facing is I’m not sure its working for my children. I’m wondering if I should change my way of thinking or approach to better suit my kids needs and our lifestyle!

  7. I got 81% Unit study. I guess the thing I didnt like about this test were some of the questions where very one way or the other. Like I love schedules and make my kids strictly follow it. The next questions was I hate schedules and just go with the flow. Well for me I am a person who loves schedules to follow and use as a guideline but Im not great at following them and will prob go with the flow if need be. But I dont hate or love. I found several of the questions to be like this. Where I agreed with part of the statement but not the whole. But I did take another test at one point and it came out Unit study…. and I didnt believe it which is why I chose to take this one. But 2 out of 2 is pretty strong LOL.

  8. This is my first full year of homeschooling. Our son will be a Junior. He came to us last semester and said he wanted to be homeschooled because the classrooms were too chaotic. He just couldn’t block out the noise to hear himself think. So we finished out his Sophomore year – last semester with the curriculums. So, I muddled through, but now we are preparing for his junior year and we have brought him into the circle for planning what he wants to learn about. He wants practical experiences like how to save money or balance a checkbook, or car maintenance. So we know that we are switching gears. He is highly musically inclined. Writes his own music and plays several string instruments. We are looking for a way to incorporate as much of his love of music into reading, creative writing and science. My brain still thinks TRADITIONAL school but I am open to helping him learn the way that works best for him. I am not surprised at my results.

  9. I don’t like my results lol. I got unit study homeschooler, but I believe myself to be eclectic. I pull material from every where, and even if I pick a curriculum for one subject it’s guaranteed that I won’t go to the same place for a different subject. I haven’t used a unit study once

  10. Hi, thanks for this insight! True about the homeschooling style but I was Abit mixed up in the questions, yes I would love my children to learn both academics and life skills but we have to be graded to see how we are performing because it helps me see where the child needs help. But maybe as we go along I will see what’s suits us all best. The first born is in class 3, the rest in pre kindrgaten and kindrgaten and then a 2yr old ( in a few weeks).
    Thanks I believe with your support it will be easier and all the moms on the group!
    Stay blessed

  11. I am 91.67% Charlotte Mason Homeschooler! Although I have read about it, this is only the first time I am learning from it. Now I am curious and wanted to read more about it. Thanks for this!

    Mommy Venice

  12. Says I’m 92% Traditional however I don’t like being so structured and rigid and would like to just go with the flow. This will be my second year homeschooling two kids (grade 6 / 8) and while I’m looking forward to it I am also getting a little overwhelmed as my kids will be returning to public school for high school and I want to make sure they have all they need. I know from last year they are much more knowledgeable about certain subjects as compared to their high school siblings. Guess that’s a step in the right direction.

  13. 83% Charlotte Mason. What would be next on the list? Would love to be able to have a well rounded style to meet all of our needs.

  14. I got Unit Study. But I actually hate the work involved in that on my end. Iโ€™m trying to follow a classical format. I believe that mastery brings excitement about learning and so enabling small victories is important to me.
    I have five children, 3 to 11, so our school day is always chaotic. Add homestead, remodeling, and Paleo cooking and itโ€™s almost always messy.
    Trying to minimize our possessions is slowly helping the โ€œcrazyโ€ in my life. ?

  15. Is there a quiz for beginning homeschoolers? I’d like to know my style, if possible before we begin…maybe that’s too much! ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. It says the quiz is 45 true/false questions but the quiz that pops up is 32 statements with options to strongly agree/somewhat agree/disagree. What did I do wrong?

  17. CM 30%
    Unit Study 24%
    Unschooler 21%
    So I’m going with electic!? I love the idea really. I love Charlotte Mason’ s theory, have been intrigued by Unit Study, and had never looked into Unschooling, but having read your notes on ot, weve alreasy been doing that with our daughter. I love different aspects of all 3. We’re using My Father’s World curriculum and it is based on Charlotte Mason, but even each week is a unit study, with other 2 weeks series thrown. I’m thankful to be more I’m time with what “style” I am, and excited to continue on.

  18. 30% Traditional
    23% Classical
    21% Charlotte Manson
    I am just starting our our homeschooling journey with two toddlers and I am excited to blend these three styles together. My older one does really well with worksheets and copy work, my younger toddler is very hands on. Thank you so much Rebecca for making this little quiz to help me out with where I was trying to go with our homeschooling!

  19. I got 24% for both CM and Traditional and 20% Classical. I’m actually excited to know that I definitely am enjoying having the 3 types mix. We are loving the freedom of homeschooling!

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