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50 Reasons People Choose to Homeschool

Why do people homeschool?

As I walk around with my little (or large) family, the question inevitably comes up: “Why aren’t you in school?” My kids always look to me, as if they are looking for permission (though I am convinced that to the well-meaning individual it looks like they are unsure why they aren’t in school) at which point I nod. “We’re homeschooled” they announce with a smile. The mood shifts, the conversation becomes a little less smooth and a little more jolting. I watch as the person on the other side of the counter tries to process this information and find something politically correct to say. All the while the wheels are turning, ‘WHY?’ they wonder to themselves. The reasons why are different for everyone, but here are 50 of the more common reasons that people choose to homeschool their kids today. Or learn more about the pros and cons of homeschooling.

Why do people homeschool? Here’s 50 reasons!

1. More one-on-one time
2. Working at their child’s pace
3. Dissatisfaction with the level of education in public school
4. To instil their values/morals
5. To focus on love of learning rather than rote learning
6. Bullying in the school system
7. Concern for the direction with the public education system
8. To be closer to their children
9. To suit work hours better (ie. shiftwork or transfers)
10. To focus on a child’s special needs or learning struggles that aren’t being met in school
11. Can’t afford private school and not happy with public school
12. To educate “outside the box”
13. They feel called to it (faith based reasons)
14. They have a gifted child that is being overlooked or not challenged
15. More flexibility
16. They don’t want to miss days with their kids
17. Tailoring education to their child’s interests and gifts and learning style
18. World-schooling (freedom to travel)
19. More opportunity for the child to get work training sooner (alongside their education). Apprenticeships, early college, etc.
20. Safety (no school shootings)
21. Conflicts with teachers/administration
22. No homework, free evenings!
23. Helping a child regain their confidence
24. Joining a network of people who share your same values and goals, like-minded
25. Learning with your children (grow and learn together)
26. To develop life skills
27. To develop character
28. To facilitate closer relationships between siblings
29. No disconnect with learning (you know where your child is at and what they are learning/struggling with… you don’t have to worry that they are being missed)
30. To give your child a space where their learning is based on THEM not a national average
31. Freedom to cultivate natural learning opportunities
32. Creating an environment of learning (books, learning resources, school area)
33. Create an atmosphere that is positive, personal, and safe
34. Kids grow up recognizing that home is not just for eating and sleeping, it is also a place of learning. Learning is a way of life!
35. Kids take ownership of their own learning
36. Building self-motivation and independence
37. Less time to “do school”
38. Better test scores/college preparation
39. Building empathy and respect (working with a variety of ages)
40. Eat healthier (make your own lunches, not processed quick lunches)
41. Kids can get proper sleep
42. Freedom to schedule your own time (stay out late on a school night!)
43. Kids learn how to manage their time
44. Access to learn about anything–anywhere!
45. More progressive thinking: no more conveyer belt education
46. Kids can be “socialized” in a chosen environment with positive influences
47. Children are free to be themselves
48. No one knows/loves a child more than it’s parents. The parent can offer the connection, support, and love behind the lesson to further understand the child.
49. Children don’t get sick as often (no more lice!)
50. Children aren’t bound to a label or limitation imposed on them

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Why do YOU homeschool?

Why do people homeschool?

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