I used to review curriculum, now I create it

Baby, Don’t Get Sick

Baby Don't Get Sick


Baby, don’t get sick when you leave the house.

Don’t pick gum off the floor and put it in your mouth.

Don’t drink from that sippy cup that we have never seen

Don’t lick the shopping cart, you don’t know where that thing’s been!


Baby, don’t get sick when we get into the car

There’s no need to vomit, we aren’t going very far

Don’t kiss your friend in playgroup, whose face is full of snot

I just really love you, plus I like my sleep a lot


Baby, don’t get sick, when you go to Sunday School

I know you had to suck those toys, full of baby drool

I know you were exploring and growing big and strong

But mommy’s going to lose her mind if sickness comes along


Baby, don’t get sick, when we start to make a plan

You don’t have to prove that you can can get sick upon command

Every time we set a date to do something fun

You start to get a fever, your nose it starts to run


Baby, don’t get sick, let’s take a break this week

Mommy needs a full night’s rest, a shower, and a peek

At life before the fevers and the screaming and the whining

To remember what our days looked like, to see the silver lining


Baby, don’t get sick, I don’t like to hear you cry

I feel lost and helpless, every option that I try

I wish that I could help you, that I could ease your pain

I wish that I could make you smile, and hear you laugh again


Baby, don’t get sick, but if it has to be

I will pray for strength and hold you close to me

I will drink a bit more coffee and I will dry your tears

I will sing another song and wait until it clears

-Love from your tired mama (who is praying for health this month)

I used to review curriculum, now I create it!