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Home Art Studio Review: Fun Kids Art You Don't Have to Teach!

Do you want to teach your kids art but aren’t sure where to start? This is a full review of our current kids art program, Home Art Studio. We have been using the Home School Art Studio Program DVD with Lindsey Volin 1st Grade video with all 4 of the older kids and they love it! We will be using it as long as we can and for sure getting the grade 2 DVD when we are done! To see our complete 2015/2016 curriculum list, CLICK HERE!

Fun Kids Art with Home Art Studio. Read the full review here!


What IS Home Art Studio?

Home Art Studio is a DVD kids art program. The grade 1 video consists of 2 DVDs in a quality case with 18 video lessons. It also includes a PDF lesson plan guide that you can access to view on your computer or even print off for handy reference.

Each lesson is taught by Lindsey Volin, a certified art educator and mother of two. Lindsey has a pleasant way of speaking and teaching that completely engaged my children (perhaps because it wasn’t mom’s commando voice nagging at them). In each lesson you watch Ms. Volin create something and then follow her instructions to make it yourself. She doesn’t only tell you what to do but goes into a lot of detail as to technique. I found myself learning new things right along with the kids (can you tell art isn’t my strong suit?).

In the grade 1 DVD we were taught art from around the world including poncho art, making our own African mask, pyramid painting and more! We designed our own rollercoasters, made self-portraits and worked with a variety of different mediums to create our art.

Kids Art: Making Self Portraits

Would we buy this kids art program again?

YES! I never took much art growing up (being homeschooled and all) and I really want to expose my kids to it more than I was. I see a lot of creativity in my children and don’t want my lack of knowledge to hold them back. I love that I literally just pushed play and someone else was teaching them. Moments when I would start getting stressed out if it were me, she was one step ahead of me. For example, working with glue… my kids can go a little crazy. But Lindsey seamlessly interjects “just a dot, not a lot!” Say what? I don’t have to get frustrated or impatient? My job is to set out glue, distribute paper, squeeze some paint on the canvas, and watch the magic happen!

In the self portraits above, I would have probably told the kids to do exactly what was described, but instead they each created something completely unique! Some portraits with pigtails, some with sunglasses, some with hats. I was so inspired by their creativity and even more determined to pursue art as I homeschool my children, despite my inexperience.

Kids Art: Home Art Studio

Kids art you don’t have to think about!

The VERY best part of this program is that you don’t have to go on a scavenger hunt through the craft stores looking for your supplies. You can purchase everything you need in one click! We have everything we need on our shelf and just pull it out for the lesson that day!

If you have been looking for an art program for your kids that will expose them to different cultures, different mediums, can be done with multiple grades and takes the pressure off you… check out Home Art Studio. You can find them at their website HERE or find them on Facebook.

Home Art Studio DEFINITELY gets the Hip Homeschooling Seal of Approval!

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Do you teach art in your homeschool?

I used to review curriculum, now I create it!