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Natural Home Remedies for Colds, Sore Throats, and Ear Infections

These last few weeks we have had colds, sore throats, achy, etc. The whole family has pretty much been down and out and when I got it I was ready to crawl in a hole. I couldn’t believe how fast and hard it hit! I woke up with insane sinus pain/pressure, my ears hurt, my nose was POURING (wads of tissue paper EVERYWHERE) and my throat hurt! But, unlike my helpless former self who would have crawled back in bed, I had a plan! There are so many home remedies for sore throat and colds out there, sifting through the overload of information is NOT what you want to be doing when you feel terrible! So allow me to tell you what DOES work! For both prevention, symptoms, and treatment using essential oils!

Home remedies for sore throat and colds: How to prevent colds.

Everyone in your house is sick, sore throats, coughing, runny nose. You’ve been taking care of sick kids and husband and you’re tired and can feel it coming on. That tickle in your throat, sore throat, etc. Is there a way to prevent it? YES! Take a look at this image and make sure to pin for later! These are my top prevention strategies. The oregano trick has allowed me to fight off EVERY SINGLE COLD for the entire year (other than this one, but we’ll get to that). Even once I start to feel it!

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Prevention Tips with Essential Oils: Rub 1 drop of Frankincense on the bottom of your (or your child’s) feet each night. You can alternate this with clove oil and eucalyptus.

Mix 1 drop of Oregano essential oil with 1/4c. water and guzzle it. It tastes AWFUL but it works fast! Do this daily until your symptoms subside.
The key for successful home remedies for sore throat and colds is to catch it as SOON as you start to feel it. I do not use the Oregano Oil unless I actually feel the beginning stages of the cold. If I am exposed and want to boost my immune system, start with lots of rest and the combination of the three oils above on the bottom of your feet. You can dilute them if you prefer, it helps them to go further. I use my oils neat (undiluted) but you can dilute them with 50% carrier oil such as sunflower oil or almond oil as well. I purchase roller tops and just roll the oils right on the bottoms of our feet. You can also diffuse any of the oils above in the air to help kill airborne bacteria and viruses in the air/as you breathe it in. I only do about 5 drops in my diffuser and I don’t diffuse Frankincense (it is too valuable).

IF I start to get the tickle in the back of my throat, a sore throat, runny nose, I immediately start the Oregano Oil treatment. I do it twice a day, I cut back on my commitments and get a good nights rest, and drink a large glass of water. Usually by the next morning, my symptoms are completely gone. This worked this entire year, through all the colds the kids got, I was able to stave them off with Oregano Oil! Until this last one.

Home Remedies for Sore Throat and Cold: How to Treat a Cold Naturally.

I finally succumbed to the cold. I was volunteering at our local church and was SO tired, not eating and drinking properly and just couldn’t fight it off. I woke up on a Sunday morning with the most insane sinus pain, sore throat, my ears were aching, my nose was pouring (I brought a box of kleenex to church). It just hit me! So, I made myself a steaming mug of my favorite “home remedies for sore throat and cold” tea. I like to add these items to a mug with sleepy time tea, just for extra flavor. I really don’t mind the taste, it is easy to drink and helps soothe your symptoms AND treat the cause! Make sure to pin this for later!

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The recipe: 1 drop frankincense essential oil, 3 drops lemon essential oil, 1 drop of clove essential oil, and 1 tsp (or tbsp) of honey. Add to your favorite herbal tea and drink up! For best results, drink 3 times a day until symptoms subside.

This tea, combined with the oils on the bottom of the feet to boost your immune system, rest, and lots of water cut my sickness time in 1/3. You may think I am exaggerating, but this was a wicked cold. Everyone around me had it for a month! For 3 days I was so achy, my body hurt so bad, I felt TERRIBLE. But then I started to improve. I never really got the cold, the sinus pain went away, the nose dried up, I still have a bit of phlegm in my throat/tickle in my throat so it isn’t completely gone but within a week I was 90% over the cold. A WEEK!

I recommend drinking the tea twice a day for the best home remedies for sore throat and colds. In the morning you will feel the worst, drink a cup as soon as you wake up (avoid the caffeine and dairy if you can). That morning I felt so much better after drinking it, my runny nose stopped during church, my sinus pain was better, I wasn’t sneezing every 2 seconds. I had another mug before bed. I did this for two days combined with the oils on my feet and the Thieves lozenges (you can see those in the very first image with all my cold oils, the little red bag in the back) to help that tickle/spasm in the back of your throat. And it worked guys! It was amazing!

Home Remedies for sore throat and ear pain/ear infection.

My eldest son (8) often gets an ear infection along with his colds. They didn’t start until he was about 4, but he has had at least 6 and he is in agony! His ear gets bright red and hot and he lays on the floor bawling. I haven’t had an ear infection that I can remember (meaning if I did I was very young) so I can’t really relate. We went in one time for antibiotics and confirmed it was an ear infection, but I couldn’t give them to him. I thought I’d wait it out and try the oils as a home remedy for sore throat and ear infection and they worked like a charm! The next day he was completely fine, and it never came back! We since then treat all his ear infections this way and have had 100% success with this home remedy. Make sure to pin this!

Natural ear infection remedy that works every time! Ear infection essential oil remedy, simple, safe, and effective-complete ear infection relief!


What to do: All we did was put one drop of Tea Tree oil on a piece of cotton and place it in the ear. We rubbed lemon oil around the outside of his ear (the back, front, all around… it helps to drain any fluid) –>make sure to use the lemon at night when you are not going out into the sun. The next morning his ear infection was gone, and we have used this remedy time and time again with the same results.

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I used to review curriculum, now I create it!