I used to review curriculum, now I create it

The Best Resource for Homeschool Geography

I have a confession, I kind of sidestepped the whole “geography” thing. In fact, I am not very consistent with Social Studies in general. Now before you judge me, hear me out. My kids are still relatively young and up until now, teaching them “facts” about history that doesn’t mean anything to them seems pointless. […]

World Schooling… from Home!

I’m sure you have heard the popular form of education: world schooling. World schooling is essentially a form of homeschooling whereby your children are learning about the world around them through taking trips and traveling the world. While I’m sure we can all agree that this would be the most amazing way to learn about […]

How to Use Lapbooks in Your Homeschool

Do you use lapbooks in your homeschool? For the longest time I didn’t even know what a lapbook was, which is crazy because I know now that we did them as kids being homeschooled. Once I did learn what they were, I thought they were just too much work. Who has time for all that […]

Social Studies your Kids Actually WANT to Do!

Do your kids roll their eyes when you pull out your social studies? Today I want to talk to you about an exciting new social studies curriculum I have learned about from Master Books. This is their Elementary Geography and Cultures curriculum and is recommended for grades 3-6. We have been trying it out this last […]

3 Ways to Engage your Kids in History

History for kids can oftentimes be boring and dry. Kids are interested in what applies to them now, and something that happened in a time they can’t picture just doesn’t register on the scale. I recently stumbled upon an amazing subscription company called History Unboxed. I am going to show you 3 ways to bring […]

All About My Community Social Studies K-3 Printable Pack

Is Social Studies driving you crazy? Trying to meet learning outcomes while not falling asleep? Check out this amazing printable pack full of over 23 worksheets to teach Kindergarten through Grade 3! Use it for the whole family! Social Studies can be a difficult subject to teach in the early grades. I have yet to […]

I used to review curriculum, now I create it!