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30+ Practical Uses for Lavender Essential Oil

When I first started with essential oils I had no idea how to use them! It was completely overwhelming to me! I scoured the internet for hours searching for practical ways to use the oils in our everyday life. I was looking for ways that were effective and safe, I was looking for a post like this one. Take a look at these 30+ practical uses for lavender essential oil, plus my 10 most common remedies. Make sure to pin this for later!

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Lavender essential oil is my all time favorite! Becuase of the verstaility of this oil, we literally never leave home without it. Baby has a diaper rash, no problem! The kids get a bug bite or a bee sting, I’m covered! One of the kids scrapes their knee or cuts their finger… they are instantly asking for lavender essential oil! This is our go-to first aid oil for literally anything topical.

30+ Uses for Lavender Essential Oils

1. Soothes and help heal a burn
2. Soothes and help heal a skin rash
3. Use to cleanse and stop bleeding on a wound
4. Relaxant
5. Help induce a more restful sleep
6. Antidepressant
7. Helps clear acne
8. Helps heal a bruise
9. Relieves itching
10. Amazing after-bite!
11. Helps soothe and heal eczema
12. Reduces anxiety
13. Deodorant (either aromatically or topically as an underarm deodorant)
14. Put a drop in your mascara to promote lash growth/health!
15. Promotes hair growth
16. Relief for headaches
17. Helps relieve allergy symptoms.
18. Asthma relief
19. Can help with heart palpitations
20. Relieves stress
21. Insect repellent
22. Soothes and helps heal a sunburn
23. Helps heal chapped or cracked lips
24. Amazing natural cure for ringworm
25. Helps nausea/motion sickness
26. Help nosebleeds
27. Help dandruff
28. Help cold sores
29. Soothe a diaper rash
30. Anti-aging properties make it great for skin care!
31. Kills airborne viruses and bacteria.

My 10 Top Uses for Lavender Essential Oil

1. Burns! I am talking burning yourself on the oven door or spilling a bit of boiling water on yourself kind of burns. The ones that burn for hours and there is no relief! The ones that blister and bubble and scar and leave you miserable! Use lavender essential oil NEAT (undiluted) on minor skin burns to help soothe the burning sensation, cleanse the wound and promote healing. A better way to use the oil is to mix 3-4 drops with a bit of heavy cream (a lotion that is thick and pasty, the thickest natural lotion that you have) and apply to the top of the burn, then place a piece of gauze overtop. This will help the lavender sit on the skin longer and  provide relief for a longer period of time. The essential oil itself absorbs very quickly into the skin and I find myself re-applying it constantly to relieve the burning unless I mix it with a carrier to slow the absorption rate down.

2. Rashes! Diaper rashes, skin irritation rashes, allergic rashes, heat rashes, you name it! If you have a rash, lavender essential oil can help! I apply this oil neat to any skin rash and find it stops the itch within about 2-3 minutes and helps diminish the rash over time much quicker than any over the counter creams and lotions I have tried. For a diaper rash, I mix 10 drops in a small spray bottle of water, shake and spray on the bottom after cleansing and let it air dry. This allows the rash a bit of time to dry out and the antibacterial properties in the oil help heal the rash at the same time as soothing the pain for your poor little one. Because this absorbs so quickly, make sure to still put a barrier cream on to prevent rubbing against the diaper, think of this as a pre-treatment, once it’s dry use a natural diaper rash cream or barrier cream.

3. Itch! Ringworm, fungus, bites and stings, hives, etc. Anything itchy can be relieved dramatically with lavender essential oil. Again, I use the oil neat on the rash, just a drop or two depending on the size. I find it does not work instantaneously, but once it kicks in (usually 2 minutes or so) it lasts a long time before you need to reapply. Not only is it relieving the symptom, but it is helping to cure the main problem at the same time, an all in one solution!

4. Allergies! We have a lot of hay fever in our home. I bought a little glass nasal spray bottle online and we fill it up with water and add about 5 drops of lavender essential oil and a bit of sea salt (1/4 tsp.). A couple sprays up each nostril gives amazing relief to the sneezing and itchy mouth symptoms of allergies, even the itchy eyes! You can also breathe it in directly from the bottle to help calm allergic reactions and we love doing this to preserve our precious oil!

5. Sleep! My husband works night shifts, the baby is teething right now, the kids often take hours to fall asleep. Enter lavender essential oil and we are sleeping 10 times better! We diffuse it in the kids rooms at night and it cuts the bedtime battle in 1/3 at least! You can also apply a drop to the wrists and the back of the neck to help relax and promote sleep, or mix about 10 drops with a small bottle of water and spray onto their pillows to help relax them as they prepare for bed! We’ve even been known to spray their pajamas or put a drop or two into their bath, bedtimes have completely changed for us since we discovered lavender essential oil and we use it nearly every night!

6. Cuts! 5 kids means a lot of scrapes and cuts and nicks and road rash. At least once per day one child has hurt themselves and they know right away which oil to ask for! One drop of lavender applied neat on the wound stops the bleeding, cleanses the wound with its antibacterial properties, and soothes the pain. We just wipe the cut or scrape, gently dab on a drop of lavender essential oil and place a bandaide and they are good as new!

7. Mascara! Mascara really bothers my eyes. If I use some of the more processed ones, my eyelashes start falling out and thinning. I recently discovered that if you put just one drop of lavender essential oil into your mascara tube and mix it with your wand, it makes your mascara much smoother and less clumpy. It ALSO helps promote lash health and growth, counteracting the negative effects of wearing mascara every day. It is so simple to do as lavender essential oil has a prominent position in my makeup bag 😉

8. Anxiety and stress! I like to pretend that I have it all together but the reality is that some days are very stressful in my house. Homeschooling, cleaning, taking care of all the kids, cooking, cleaning again, and repeat! Some days (especially every 3 weeks or so) I am ready to lock myself in my room and never come out! On the days I feel like I am impatient and easily annoyed and feeling uptight and stressed, I DO go lock myself in my room. The key is to have your diffuser on with some lavender essential oil in it, I also open the bottle and take a deep breath and then apply a drop to my wrists and neck. That and sitting down for a minute with someone needing me leaves me much more relaxed and ready to face the day.

9. Skin care! The antibacterial, soothing, and anti-aging properties of lavender essential oil make it the perfect addition to your skin care regiement! I have a natural cream that I use with no harmful additives and I mix 5 drops of lavender oil right into it. I find my skin has greatly improved! Areas that are dry are healed, it helps diminish my pimples and minimizes fine lines, it soothes any red areas and it smells AMAZING, the perfect smell to have on my face right before bed 🙂

10. Deodorant! I love using lavender essential oil as a deodorant. I diffuse it into the air in the kitchen to help get rid of any cooking smells, but I also use it topically! I mix it with some coconut oil and rub it under my arms for a natural deodorant fix! I still use antipersperant on an important day once a month or so, but 90% of the time I use my natural mix which smells great and works fantastic as long as my blood pressure doesn’t get to high 😉

So there you have it, my 10 top uses for lavender essential oil and HOW I use them. Stay tuned to hear more about essential oils and what they can do for you. If you have questions or want more info, contact me here.

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I used to review curriculum, now I create it!