I used to review curriculum, now I create it

Ocean Games: Learning through Play!

Come play some fun ocean games with us! This is our final week in our Ocean Commotion theme with Mother Goose Time and the last post in my series “whats in the box”. To see the entire month, check out my other posts:

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These four posts are all contents of just 1 month with Mother Goose Time: a comprehensive preschool program (we also used it for kindergarten with a bit of supplementing). Within just a few months with this program my 5 year old went from not knowing his letters to reading! It is so fun the kids won’t even count it as school!

Check out what comes in our week 4 bags and our fun ocean games below!

Create your own Ocean Divers Mask!

On Monday we will be learning all about divers and making our own ocean masks and flippers! We get to retell our ocean story and make a play with our backdrop. We also learn some new Spanish words and play some ocean games with our counting shells. What a great start to our week!

Ocean Games

On Tuesday we talk about shipwrecks, treasures that could be inside, what might cause it, etc. We get a fun new fish folder ocean games activity, we create a postcard and mail it out to someone with a picture of what we would like to see on the bottom of the ocean. Don’t you just love the colors? I mean, this is so bright and fun, the fish are super cue, I can’t WAIT to dig into this day.


Wednesday we learn about fishing boats! We get some new word cards for the kids to build some words. We go fishing! Woot woot! We have some super fun activities and ocean games planned for that day. Stay tuned for Favorite things Friday to see them in action and grab your freebie!


Thursday is submarines! See those little seashells and plates on the bottom? We get to make a submarine window collage! I can already tell you that will DEFINITELY be included in Favorite things Friday (if I can wait that long!). We get to do some submarine math and a letter float. We will learn what makes a submarine float, how they can see above water, play some more ocean games, etc.


And here it is, the very LAST day of ocean commotion. 🙁 Boo! Friday we talk about aquariums. We talk about what you will find at an aquarium (we’ll look at some pictures of our last visit), we recap our favorite memories from the ocean theme, play ocean games, and more! This will be a bittersweet day for us but the kids are beyond excited for next month’s box so they won’t be too sad 😉

This is going to be a fun week at our house and I can’t wait to show you some of the finished products on Friday. Make sure you sign up for the newsletter so you don’t miss any of my freebies!

I used to review curriculum, now I create it!