I used to review curriculum, now I create it

The Problem with Using Too Much Curriculum

My name is Rebecca and I am a bonafide curriculum junkie. My addiction is fed by the bundles and stacks of curriculum I receive from various companies throughout the years as a homeschool blogger. I can’t say no, in fact sometimes I pitch them to do reviews for nothing because the curriculum is so bright […]

How to Teach Kids to Write using Poetry

Teaching our kids to read, write, and communicate with language is quite frankly a whole lot harder than it looks! The different elements of Language Arts can seem daunting because there are a lot of them: creative writing, grammar, spelling, vocabulary, structured writing, reading, writing form (neatness), comprehension, and oral language skills. With 5 kids to teach at 5 […]

An Unschooling Approach to Teaching Writing

When people hear the word ‘unschooling’ they sometimes write off the entire conversation. They picture kids playing video games all day long while mom reads a book and that is FAR from the truth. Unschooling, also known as child directed learning, is a form of education where the child is involved in their education. It […]

What is Poetry Teatime?

Have you heard of poetry teatime? It is a movement that is sweeping through the homeschool world on the wings of Brave Writer, an innovative method of teaching language arts to our children. Has it ever struck you that we call it “Language Arts”? We are teaching our children the art of communication in the […]

I used to review curriculum, now I create it!