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Free Watercolor Solar System Printable Memory Game!

We are currently studying the solar system and I wanted to find something that wasn’t quite so “kiddish” and helped my children really appreciate the colors, intricacies, and beauty of the planets. When I wasn’t finding what I was looking for, I decided to purchase some beautiful watercolor images and put them together as a […]

Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids Review

Looking to teach your child Spanish but tired of the same old program with little to no results? You have GOT to check out Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids by Kids®! This is a revolutionary program that is sure to get fast and fun results with any aged child (or adult)! We have been using […]

Easy Healthy Snack Recipe-Veggies and Hummus

Looking for a great, easy to prepare, healthy snack option? Have you ever tried making your own hummus? If you have a blender (immersion or traditional), with just a few basic ingredients you can have a much cheaper option than store bought without any preservatives. This is a great snack for kids, FULL of fiber, […]

Jesus Storybook Bible David and Goliath: Free coloring sheet and lesson plan!

I am so excited to share with you my complete lesson plan and activity for the Jesus Storybook Bible story “The Young Hero and the Horrible Giant” (David and Goliath) including a free printable coloring sheet to go along with the story! Although this is just a rough sketch, I was so excited to draw […]

Build a Marshmellow Wall: Joshua and the Battle of Jericho Hands on Lesson and Activity

This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. The Jesus Storybook Bible has become one of our most treasured books: the beautiful illustrations, the animated stories, the beautiful way they all connect to the “big picture” of Jesus. When I found out about the amazing blog hop for this revolutionary book, I signed up as […]

Why We Homeschool

So if homeschooling 5 children is so crazy…. why do we do it????? I was home schooled along with my siblings. In my growing up years there were four of us, really close in age, and we all did school together. I tried school out for half of grade 2, for grade 6, and again […]

Meet Our Family!

Meet my kids, my world. The smiles that greet me in the morning, the brood that clings to me throughout the day, the littles that wake me at night. These five adorable, precious children are the reason that I smile each day, and sometimes the reason I want to pull out all my hair. I […]

The Learning Style Quiz

Knowing your child’s learning style is KEY to successful homeschooling. If your child has been overwhelmed, frustrated and disconnected with homeschooling, you may be approaching it in a way they can’t relate to. A lesson can be approached in a number of different ways and your child has a unique way of learning that will […]

Math Curriculum: Math U See Program Review

We have been using Math U See for three years now with all of the kids and I thought the time had come to review why we love it and how it works for our family. We are currently using the Primer, Alpha, and Beta programs and I fully intend to buy them the program […]

A Video Home School Room Tour: Come Explore my School Room!

My school room has very very slowly developed over the years. Our basement used to have this huge room that was half separated by a wall, but not fully. Kind of weird. The one room had carpet the other one had a terrible linoleum that was all ripped up, the wall had a ton of […]

Homeschool Organization: The Workbox System

If you are reading this you might be like me: looking for a strong smack of inspiration to hit you in the face. Homeschooling can be monotonous. It is the same thing in and out. It is tiring, at times boring. And I am CONSTANTLY re-evaluating and re-inspiring myself. Sometimes that means getting together with another […]