I used to review curriculum, now I create it

How to Teach a Visual Learner: My Top Resources and Tips!

What is a visual learner? How do you know if you have one? And for heavens sake, how do you TEACH one!?!???!?! I’m going to walk you through everything you need to know about homeschooling a visual learner. *This post may contain affiliate links. This is no charge to you and means I earn a small percentage […]

Looking for Homemade Fathers Day Gifts! Grab Your FREE PRINTABLE!

Fathers Day is nearly upon us and I have been searching for FREE homemade Fathers Day Gifts to make with the kids and coming up short for something funny and quirky that fits our family. I decided to make up this free printable fill-in-the-blank story as a way to incorporate learning and a unique gift […]

I have a secret… I do NOT have it all together!

Are you feeling frustrated, discouraged, overwhelmed with homeschooling? Have you felt like you are failing or just don’t have the patience to do this? Have you ever felt downright irritated by your kids? You are not alone and the guilt trip stops now! Picture it with me, you’re having a nice morning with the kids, […]

Peekaboo Beans Clothing Review

This is a little off the beaten path for me, I mean, I’m a homeschooling site, right??? But we are all parents and moms and when something like this comes up, I can’t help but share! I recently heard about Peekaboo Beans, a clothing company I hadn’t heard of or seen before. They are committed […]

CTCMath Review

In our house we find that sometimes switching it up, getting away from the workbooks and doing something “on the computer” is a novel idea. Even though the lessons may be similar, the fact that it is interactive just somehow makes it more fun! So when we were selected to review the 12 Month Family […]

Learning Together with Mother Goose Time and Favorite things Friday #11

Welcome back to another Favorite things Friday, where I invite all of you to share (via comments or by linking up your posts below) YOUR favorite things of the week. This week has gone by in a blur, honestly, the days have all just kind of mashed together. School-wise it’s gone well, we’ve managed to […]

I’m Bored Jar Printable

“I’m Bored”, we’ve all heard it before, I was sick of it so I stopped everything I was doing, sat down and designed THIS. My kids will never be bored again! If you have been following my blog or subscribe to my newsletter, you will have seen that we are currently trying to sell our […]

Observing Trees with Nancy Larson Science Curriculum

*This post may contain affiliate links in which I receive a small percentage of the sale if you click on my link. Thank you for supporting my blog! Raise your hand if you have ever heard of Nancy Larson Science… now email me and tell me if you raised your hand 😉 Nancy Larson Science […]

How to Teach an Auditory Learner: My Top Ten Resources

Have you been wondering what learning style your child is? Maybe you know your child is auditory and you are looking for some resources or homeschool curriculum that is specifically geared towards auditory learners. Look no further! What IS an Auditory Learner? Wikipedia defines an auditory learner as follows: An auditory learner is a style […]

This Homeschool Dad Took Over… and Favorite things Friday #10

What happens when Daddy takes over? When my husband offered to let me nap and insisted HE would do Mother Goose Time with the kids, I was skeptical to say the least. I mean, did he know what to do, how it worked, where to find the bags, what day we were on?????? And for […]

Our Official 2015/2016 Curriculum Reveal!

This post contains affiliate links where I receive a small percentage of the sale if you purchase through me which I use to help offset some of the many costs of blogging. For full details, please see my disclosure page. This is pretty much my most exciting post of the year, the post where I […]

Elementary Spanish that Kids Love

This last month we have been working on “The Little Magic House Part I” in our Foreign Languages for Kids online membership. We have been learning a TON of new words and pronouns and the kids’ familiarity with the language has grown exponentially. Take a look at this “word wall” of what we learned this […]

Spelling You See Review

I have been stalking the Spelling You See website for about a year now and trying to get a copy up here in Canada. The program has exceeded my expectations and the results have been amazing! I’m pretty much addicted to this homeschool spelling curriculum! It is bright, cheery, and a revolutionary approach to spelling! […]

BEDTIME BATTLES! And Favorite things Friday # 9

Who doesn’t love a funny story? Especially when pertaining to family life. We can all relate to them, picture ourselves in them, and appreciate them. They make us feel a little bit warmer inside when we look at our own chaos and realize we’re not alone, or better yet, not as bad as we thought. […]

5 Questions to ask Before Choosing Curriculum and a Free Planning Printable!

Choosing curriculum can be one of the most stressful aspects of homeschooling! If you have ever been to a homeschool convention and seen the rows of tables FILLED with curriculum, you may have felt completely overwhelmed at where to start! Every homeschool mom you talk to has a different program they love and it is […]

How to teach a Kinesthetic Learner

What is a kinesthetic learner? How do you know if you have one? And for heavens sake, how do you TEACH one!?!???!?! I’m going to walk you through everything you need to know about homeschooling a kinesthetic learner. What IS a kinesthetic learner? Wikipedia defines a kinesthetic learner as follows: According to the theory of […]

Favorite things Friday # 8

It’s another Favorite things Friday over here at Hip Homeschooling and I have an exciting announcement you’ll want to be sure to check out so keep reading! This week has been quite honestly insane. Really not much different from last week. Full of camping, working working and more working, and topped off with a mad […]

How to Feed, Raise, and Care for Butterflies: A Video Lesson

Have you ever tried raising your own butterflies as a school project? We have done it for a few years now and have had mixed results. Most years we only have a few of the caterpillars make it to the butterfly stage but this year ALL FIVE of our butterflies survived and were happy to […]

From Garden to Groceries: Where Does our Food Come From???

We have been working on our gardening unit study with Mother Goose Time and the kids are having a blast! There is one particular project that we just ran with and spent most of the day working on… our “garden to groceries” project. This is a fantastic activity for preschool, kindergarten and older children! The beauty […]

Homeschool Hooky and Favorite things Friday # 7

This week’s favorite things are generally not school related. On Monday we spent the day cleaning and organizing the house so that we could go camping for a night at our trailer (parked 20 minutes away). By the time we got there we decided to stay until Thursday night because it was so beautiful and […]

When a Hospital's Prejudice against Homebirth Nearly Killed me!

Childbirth is a horrifying beautiful mess of a thing, isn’t it? It is painful and scary and humiliating and yet… we do it again and again. Nearly all of my childbirth experiences are ones I treasure in a special place in my heart. But there is one that still to this day shakes me to the […]

Create a homeschool schedule that works, avoid burnout and more!

As a homeschooled child I started my first year with the confident attitude of someone who “knew it all”, and then I fell flat on my face on a cruel bed of reality! So when I was given the opportunity to review the Successful Homeschooling Made Easy Course by Stephanie Walmsley I knew it would […]

Plant Science Experiment: Link up # 6

I can hardly believe it’s time for Favorite things Friday again! We have had so much fun in this week’s Mother Goose Time it was hard to pick my favorite activity! Take a look at what we have done and share your favorite thing from the week! If you’re a blogger, link up your favorite […]

Creative Writing Prompts for Kids and Giveaway!

It is very important to me to give my kids a strong foundation in writing, but sometimes I feel like I have left out the fun! When I was approached to review Rip the Page by Karen Benke I was instantly intrigued. The cover alone indicates what looked to be a fun creative writing program […]

Homeschool Convention Chaos: What it REALLY looks like…

When you think “homeschool convention” you probably think about Starbucks latte’s, relaxing conversations with friends, inspiring workshops and endless hours leafing through curriculum. Somehow, no matter how many times I am faced with reality, I still think of homeschool conventions with a warm, fuzzy feeling. But let me show you the reality of a homeschool […]

How to Manage Homeschooling and Working from Home: You CAN do it!

I work about 8 hours a day, homeschool 4 kids (and manage tornado toddler), *try* to keep a home and make meals and still have a few seconds to myself each day (oh wait, there’s a husband somewhere in there)! How do I do it? Check out my top 5 tips to manage homeschooling and […]

A Detailed Review of our Online Math Curriculum: A+ Interactive Math

I had no idea how online math would change the entire dynamic of our homeschool day! This is a detailed review of the online math curriculum: A+ Interactive Math and how it has been working for our family. We were given a 3 month subscription to the Adaptive Placement Test and Individualized Lesson Plan to review and we […]

Top Free Resources for a Garden Unit Study and Link Up!

Tomorrow is crazy day over at the blog with two posts going live, giveaways, reviews, a new newsletter and more! So, Favorite things Friday has been temporarily rescheduled for today (this week only). If you are looking to link up your favorite post or see if you were featured, read on! Our Gardening Unit Study […]

How to Have Fun Homeschooling

When I saw the focus topic for the Canadian blogging team this month, I was itching to get going on it! This is a subject near and dear to my heart! Homeschooling can often become a chore, a challenge, it is difficult and a huge sacrifice and can be completely overwhelming. But I think too […]

Teach Problem Solving Skills to Kids with La La Logic!

I was recently given the opportunity  to review La La Logic, a fun online brain building curriculum that teaches problem solving for kids ages 3-6 (and older!). I have spent the last 6 weeks trying out this preschool curriculum with all my children. La La Logic is a one time purchase that can be used for your […]

I used to review curriculum, now I create it!