I used to review curriculum, now I create it

What is Brave Writer?

I get SO many questions about Brave Writer, and everyone has a unique situation. I am going to be posting the replay of my live Q&A video here and I encourage you to watch it to see if someone else has a similar question. If your question is not answered, post it in the comments […]

This is the Ultimate Family Bike!

A while back I discovered the Taga 2.0 bike and fell in love with the idea of what a family bike ride could be. With five little kids, going on a bike ride is a little less enjoyable and a little more like the wild west. My 9 year old is very independent. He always […]

How we are Combining Unit Study and Charlotte Mason Homeschooling!

What if I told you that you could teach your kids Science, Bible, Art, Writing, Reading, History, Geography, and Culture with a single curriculum — all with a Charlotte Mason approach? I am so excited to introduce you to WinterPromise: an incredible curriculum publishing company that is open-and-go and one of my all time favorites. […]

How to Make Math Fun!

Math can be a huge struggle for many children. Part of the reason for this is that practise and repetition are key factors to reinforcing concepts and rules that are taught. And while it is an important approach, math drills and tests and practise problems over and over again can quite frankly be downright boring! […]

Interactive Educational Games for Kids

As a homeschool mom, I am always on the prowl for interactive educational games and resources to help make learning fun for my kids. As much as possible we try to bring in play as a method of teaching to help the kids truly process what they are learning and experiment with it further (all […]

3 Quality Notebooks for Bullet Journaling


One of the awesome things about being a blogger is that companies send me free stuff and even pay me to review their products! Sometimes they pay me a small percentage by affiliate links to track their sales while other times they just send me free product to show and try. This is part of how I support my blog but I want to make sure you know that I turn down 10 times more people than I accept because I only choose products that I would personally buy and recommend. This post is sponsored in one of those ways. For more info read my disclosure policy. And if you think this sounds like a pretty sweet gig, come on over and let me teach you how to do what I do in my blogging course or one of my other courses by clicking here.

I am an eclectic planner. Which means that I like to be free to make planning what works for ME, rather than to be tied to a particular system. This also means that I try a lot of different methods and over the years, have developed a symptomatic obsession with all things stationary. Paper, the […]

Simple Bible Journaling Ideas

Bible journaling can be incredibly overwhelming. With the viral nature of social media, a quick search on Pinterest often brings up professional artist’s pages that are a far cry from anything we feel we are capable of. As someone who is still relatively new to Bible journaling, I have struggled to find my way amongst […]

5 Ways to Use the Workbox System in your Homeschool

The workbox system is a popular way of organizing your homeschool day. In a nutshell, you place your child’s assignments and books in each of the drawers either the night before or the week before and let your child work through it at their own pace. It appeals to many homeschoolers because it offers their […]

Letting Go of Fear and Insecurity

Let’s have a chat about motherhood. NEVER, in my wildest dreams, would I have imagined the doubts, insecurities, and fears I would face along this journey. Growing up with younger siblings and being somewhat baby crazy as a child… I thought I knew what I was getting into. I bore my first child with an […]

Homeschooling Around the World: A Photo Series

I recently saw a photo series by a professional photographer that showcased homeschooling and it irked me a little bit. Don’t get me wrong, the photos were beautiful! The captions depicted children hunting, exploring nature, scaling ponds, and playing in the mud: unschooling in all its glory. The lighting was perfect, the focus was crisp […]

S1E8: My Top 10 Mommy Confessions

Here’s the truth, we all work so hard to make sure that we “appear” that we have it all together. When we have a friend coming over, we clean our house and have a shower and straighten our hair and put on makeup. By the time company has arrived, we have spent the whole day […]

S1E7: The Busy Mom’s Math

I’m busy, you’re busy, we’re all just trying to do our darndest to fit everything in. We all want the very best for our children, but let’s face it, we’re really just trying to survive right now! So I approach you from the trenches of survival, I yell across the battlefield of our respective homeschools […]

5 Common Reasons our Children Can’t Focus on School

Imagine with me a homeschool room with three adorable children and teacher-mom in all her glory. The day is going well, albeit more like a relay race than a typical learning environment. Mom spends the entire morning bouncing from one child to the next: helping them, keeping them on track, cheering them on. It is […]

The Case for Hands on Learning

If there is anything I have learned in the past 5 years of homeschooling, it is that every child is SO different. After discovering my children’s learning styles (take the free quiz here), I was under the impression that only my kinesthetic learner needed a hands on approach to learning. As I began creating more […]

How to Cultivate a Thankful Heart

It is Thanksgiving and families everywhere are gathering together to feast and celebrate the things in their life they are thankful for. It is one of my favorite holidays because it doesn’t really have an ulterior motive or underlying seed of selfishness. There are no expectations of gifts, it is all about the three F’s: […]

5 Reasons Illustrated Faith is the BEST Gift!

We all have those things, those gifts we love and secretly want but can’t really justify. Maybe it’s not in the budget, maybe we feel bad because it doesn’t serve a practical purpose or it’s just for us. Whatever it is, it is pretty much the BEST kind of present to receive! If you are […]

An Unschooling Approach to Teaching Writing

When people hear the word ‘unschooling’ they sometimes write off the entire conversation. They picture kids playing video games all day long while mom reads a book and that is FAR from the truth. Unschooling, also known as child directed learning, is a form of education where the child is involved in their education. It […]

Art Journaling with Kids

Art journaling with kids is an amazing way to get your kids creative, expressing themselves, de-stressing, and build a love and appreciation for art. It is something we were first introduced to in our homeschool art curriculum, Home Art Studio, and I have been honestly blown away looking through my kids’ art journals. They have […]

I used to review curriculum, now I create it!