I used to review curriculum, now I create it

10 Hand Lettering Pros to Inspire and Teach

Now that you have some brush lettering worksheets to learn the technique and you have a brush lettering pen that you love, it’s time to find some inspiration and tutorials from people far more talented than myself! I am going to share with you 10 AMAZING hand lettering pros whose videos, feeds, and blogs are […]

Free Brush Lettering Worksheets

Brush lettering is beautiful. It is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, all bold scoops and loops accented with light, whimsical upstrokes. Entrepreneurs everywhere knew it, they started creating brush lettering fonts, brush lettered signs, and brush lettered quotes to sell you and we all lapped it up. But what if I told you YOU could […]

S1E3: Homeschooling from a Dad’s Point of View

In today’s podcast episode, I managed to drag my (very tired) husband down to my studio in the wee hours of the morning to interview him. Because he was educated in the traditional sense (through the public school) and I was educated at home, trying to blend our styles and preconceived notions about our family […]

Hacking the Bullet Journal System

As I begin this amazing journey to write exclusively about planning for 31 days, I wanted to set the stage and explain what my planning philosophy, vision, and style is all about. Bullet journaling is taking the world by wildfire, and yet I feel there is still a lot of misconceptions over what it is […]

S1E2: How I Do it All

Homeschool mom’s wear a lot of hats and trying to get everything done is exhausting and sometimes just entirely out of reach. One of the most common questions I get asked is “How do you do it all?” I realized that people see pictures and videos of us homeschooling, they see my very obvious presence […]

Is How we Measure Success Hurting our Kids?

Recently I heard someone refer to a particular child as “so bright” because they were excelling in school and it struck a chord. Referring to a particular child as “bright” is essentially saying they are smarter than the others. It had me questioning by what standard we attribute a child’s intelligence. I have had well-meaning people […]

The Case for Having Kids

How many times have you heard someone tell you why they don’t want to have kids, or why you shouldn’t have kids, or why you should wait to have kids? A simple search on Google brought up 73,000,000 results against having children! Is that seriously happening?!?!?! The idea that kids are holding you down or […]

10 Reasons I Don’t Have Very Many Friends

  CONFESSION: I don’t have many friends (gasp!).  Most of my friends are my family (sisters, brothers, sisters-in-law, parents, and husband). I do have some external friendships but to be completely honest, there are very few that I put the time and energy into. Before you hate on me, read the reasons WHY this has happened: […]

Yes Kids, It’s Okay to be Rude!

We spend the vast majority of our parenting journey teaching our kids to be nice. We teach them to be kind and caring. We read books on encouraging empathy in our kids and how to foster gentleness in them. It IS important for our children to learn tact, social etiquette and how to be independent members […]

S1E1: Homeschooling Language Arts

One of the things that I learned about homeschooling language arts is how we run around doing SO MUCH and yet accomplishing very little. We have a quantity approach and yet I think we need a quality approach. Language Arts is infused into everything we do, every subject we teach, every part of our day. […]

Speaking Words of Life Into My Kids

I want to tell you a story. A story about a goofy little toddler who is rarely dressed in anything resembling a decent outfit. She spends half the time wearing princess costumes and the other half completely naked. She is a wild mixture of chaos and gentleness and she is ALWAYS needing me. One afternoon, […]

The Best Nature Study Curriculum You Don’t Want to Be Without!

The face of homeschooling has changed. It used to be school emulated at home, with little workbooks and little desks and little tests and assignments. But as we discover more about the way children learn, the more we learn about the way they are wired: the less that method of teaching makes sense. While most of us […]

The Unmathematical Homeschool Mom’s Guide to Teaching Math

As a homeschool curriculum advisor (I help people choose curriculum), I have learned the top two subjects that strike dread into the heart of parent’s everywhere: math and language arts (watch this video to see my top recommendation for LA). Today I want to talk to the math moms (and dads) who might be reading this. […]

Why A Beka Curriculum Did Not Work for Me

If you are a homeschooler you have probably heard about A Beka. They are one of the longest standing homeschool curriculum providers, and actually what I grew up using as a child. The books are bright and incredibly comprehensive and fill me with a nostalgic sense of comfort. My first year homeschooling I bought all […]

I used to review curriculum, now I create it!