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My Story Review: Elementary Social Studies Curriculum

When I first saw My Story on the Masterbooks website, I was intrigued. Something about the title: a Social Studies curriculum about world and culture and yet relating it all to my child and how it impacts them. This has been an educational value of mine for some time… creating connection with the lessons so […]

My Biggest Homeschool Struggle

Have you noticed that people don’t like to talk about their homeschool struggles? It’s like somehow it makes us look weak or not-sufficient or it gives homeschooling a bad name. We all sit in our houses trying to do our best and it can be pretty lonely if you don’t have someone that you can […]

Charlotte Mason Canadian Social Studies K-5

I have a problem. I live in Canada where history is different from what most traditional curriculum (written in the US) teaches. There are very few options for Canadians, the main one being Donna Ward, who has put together complete packages to help cover topics that are supposed to be taught up here in the […]

What You Need to Know Before Buying Curriculum

It’s curriculum buying season and the number one question on everybody’s mind is: “What should I choose?” I talk a lot about curriculum on my blog but today I wanted to specifically address what we need to know and how we can create a brief, big-picture “plan” of our days to help us identify, before […]

What We Are Using for Homeschool Curriculum 2018-2019

The number one question I get asked isn’t what I recommend for curriculum, it is what we are using (the ultimate vote of confidence, right?). Of all the homeschool curriculum I have tried and reviewed, what are we settled on for this coming school year and why? Before I share that, let me explain a […]

When They’re Falling Behind…

Falling behind… this is a little bit of an undercurrent in the homeschool world. It exists, but it is clearly not talked about. There are supposed to be three camps in homeschooling: the gifted children, the struggling children, and the average children. Clearly the average children are still above average because of the simple fact […]

The Ultimate Homeschool Math Comparison

Shopping for homeschool math curriculum can be daunting. Everywhere you look someone has a different recommendation and let’s face it, homeschool moms are passionate about their curriculum! Bring to base your decision off of what you can gather online is time consuming and can feel stressful when you don’t really know for certain if that […]

Planning Your Homeschool Year

Planning is one of my favourite topics to write about because I LOVE LOVE LOVE planning. I love pulling out my planner (together with it’s partner in crime, coffee), the feel of the soft leather in my hands and the weight of all my dreams and vision and goals carried within the pages. I love […]

A Day in the Life of a Blogging Homeschool Mom

Curious to know the kind of chaos that exists behind the doors of this blog? What does my personal life look like? How do I fit it all in? Well, or starters, you’re going to have a pretty good idea when I introduce my podcast episode with my OLD title instead of my new one. […]

How I Bring Picture Study Into My Homeschool

Art appreciation, attention to detail, increased focus and attention, these are just some of the benefits of bringing art and picture studies into your homeschool! Come see how we do it on our homeschool day!  What is a picture study? For the Charlotte Mason homeschooler, a picture study is a comprehensive framework of art appreciation. […]

My Number 1 Secret in My Homeschool Day

I have never made it a secret that I don’t have it all together. In fact, if anything, I struggle with this whole blogging world of homeschoolers. Feeling like I don’t possibly fit in with their immaculate school rooms and organized little desks and clean kitchen tables. Here I sit, homeschooling my 5 kids, an […]

What Happened When I Took My Homeschool Outside…

Around here, everybody calls me Mama and I have been blessed with two earth angels, ages five and four. We are smack in the middle of our maiden homeschooling voyage here in the mountains of southern Oregon where kindergarten is the bees knees and proving to be a powerfully transformational experience for our children, our […]

My Top 8 Homeschool Mistakes

So you have decided to homeschool… what? I will never forget the pressure of that first day. All of the traditional school students were heading off to the bus stop and we were at home…. all the pressure of my children’s education in my hands. What seemed like an impossible and overwhelming task at that […]

Why a Former Teacher Chose to Homeschool

I am always fascinated when I hear about teachers choosing to homeschool their children. In my opinion, there is no better testimony to the benefits of homeschooling than that. So when I heard that my friend, Kristin, was a former teacher and in the throes of her first year, I had to interview her and […]

50 Reasons People Choose to Homeschool

As I walk around with my little (or large) family, the question inevitably comes up: “Why aren’t you in school?” My kids always look to me, as if they are looking for permission (though I am convinced that to the well-meaning individual it looks like they are unsure why they aren’t in school) at which […]

When Your Curriculum Isn’t Working…

Curriculum problems are a real thing. The kind of thing that drives you batty and makes you want to give up homeschooling all together. If you curriculum isn’t working then likely your kids aren’t enjoying homeschooling, you aren’t enjoying homeschooling and it may all stem from one simple change. Before we even begin today’s episode, […]

Why We are Using the Good and the Beautiful

*Update: after consideration and reflection and prayer, I have decided to not continue with The Good and the Beautiful for our family. There has been a lot of personal attacks directed at me over this decision and the reasons behind this decision. I will leave this post up to help give a review of the […]

10 Things Only a Homeschooler Understands

What’s the deal with pajamas? Or the fact that we only dress up if we are going somewhere? What about our addiction to school supplies or how hard we are on ourselves? In this episode I talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to homeschool life. I’ll share a few […]

5 Realities of a Modern Day Christian Homeschooler

When I was homeschooled, you could pretty much assume that any other homeschooler was a Christian family–it just went along with the territory. However in the past 25 years things look drastically different than they once did. With a large movement of secular homeschoolers joining the ranks (yay!), it can be difficult to find your […]

Homeschool Spelling (Sans Tears)

Let me paint a homeschool scenario you might be familiar with: you are sitting around the table going over your spelling list with your child. You watched them make several mistakes so you are having them rewrite those words multiple times. They are overwhelmed, emotional, and crying as they scribble on their paper giving you […]

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